Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"I love to knit" mitten

I decided how to end my mitten:

It says, "II KNIT". My first choice was "2 KNIT", but I didn't like the look of the chart. I topped it off with a ball of yarn and two knitting needles. Funny? I think so.

"I love to knit." That's the truth. However, I don't know that I love it enough to knit another mitten like this one. I may come up with a different chart for the tip of the second mitten.

The pattern on the thumb is supposed to line up with the pattern on the palm. I tried. **sigh**

After I finished knitting the mitten, I lined the cuff with the goosebump yarn. It makes it very much thicker. If I do that again, I might decrease the number of stitches in the lining. Knitting it on smaller needles wasn't enough. You can see a pucker on the left.

Once I finished the lining, I had to turn it inside out to sew it down and weave in all the ends. It looks strange but interesting that way:

Blocking really helps to even out fair isle. It took me a couple of weeks to knit this mitten, what with ripping out mistakes over and over again. I never did become comfortable with knitting with two colors at the same time. I hope the fair isle class I plan to take will help. I spoke to the teacher, who agreed to reschedule it for May.

Details: Based on the Potpourri Mittens from Fall 08 Vogue Knitting. I used worsted weight yarn (Kashmira wool and Goosebump alpaca) instead of the fingering weight the pattern specified. The gold yarn is silk, stolen from a sweater yarn stash. The light blue is wool, pilfered from a hibernating scarf project. So that the mitten would not be too big, I altered the charts to reduce the stitches to 50 in the cuff and 54 in the hand. I could have used a few more stitches in the hand, especially across the base, since there is no thumb gusset. Nonetheless, this mitten blocked out to 8" around and fits pretty well.
I used 24 stitches in the thumb, putting 8 repeats of the heart pattern around it. It is a little tight where I picked up stitches for the thumb. I probably need to cast on stitches a little more loosely after the thumbhole. (Is that a word?)

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Wool Winder said...

I really like the design you came up with!

Wool Enough said...

Really cute mitten. I like your revisions to the design.

vlb5757 said...

It is fabulous! I love that you lined it. My goodness that is a lot of work. I love how neat the inside of the mitten is. Nice job.

Sam said...

Ha ha, I love it! Very pretty too!

Marjorie said...

I think those are great. I tried mittens as a first stranded project too, and they also took a surprisingly long time. And when I was done, the thumbs weren't exactly the same.

But they are warm, and yours will probably be even more so with the lining.

Patricia said...

Love, love , love the mittens. The look so old European and send me back to winters in our little German village.