Monday, January 26, 2009

Mitten knittin'--ah, schmitten!

After finishing the red heels and toes for my boot socks, I was taken with the idea to knit a pair of mittens with the remaining red Kashmira yarn. The red seems to work well with the goosebumps yarn that feels great to the touch but was too prickly for neckwear. I immediately consulted the Fall issue of Vogue Knitting (the one with the mittens on the cover, of course) and picked the Potpourri Mittens (Seen here if you scroll down--the last pair, the light blue ones).

The swatch came out ok, front and back.

Part of my urge to knit these mittens comes from a recent snafu. I wanted to take a fair isle class at my lys this month, but missed the first class. I thought a little practice might be good for developing my ability to fair isle. Although I'm pleased enough with this little swatch, I can see that the gauge is too large for the Potpourri mittens. Nonetheless, I started the cuff, hoping it might tighten up in the goosebump yarn, which is a lighter worsted weight.

I should keep trying. Swatching for mittens provides a little relief from boredom on these gray winter days.

You might note that the red in this last photo looks less bright than the red sock toe in my last post. I've edited to improve the color accuracy (and to be a little arty). However, since I'm getting a lot of variation between my laptop monitor and my desktop monitor, I can only imagine how it might appear on others.


Sam said...

The potpourri mittens are cute. And I love both of the colourways you are showing here. Very pretty.

vlb5757 said...

I think the mittens will be great when you finish them. I have never done two color knitting and it's on my list of a new thing to learn this year. Not sure if I will go to a lys or use videos. I can't wait to see your finished mittens.

Wool Winder said...

So many pretty mittens to choose from!

Patricia said...

I think if I lived further north my sock obsession might be replaced with mittens. For instance, I have really wanted to knit the Fiddlehead Mittens, or the Bird in Hand. The swatch looks as though it would made a great headband were it longer.

Marjorie said...

The yarn you pick does make a difference. I've used Heilo with good success in projects of that type. At Rhinebeck, I got a kit for stranded socks in 100% alpaca (what was I thinking?), and my swatch was horrible. I think I'll end up knitting a striped hat or something else from the yarn.

There was a recent thread on the Stranded group on Ravelry about favorite yarns, and knitters more skillful than I weighed in on their favorites for mittens, sweaters, and the like.

I do like the patterns you've linked to. If you can find the Selbuvotter book, have a look at it too.

Jenny Girl said...

I like all your mitten choices accept the herringbone...too busy for me. Practicing fair isle is just as good.
And I would limit it to two colors. My tiffany mitten is beautiful, but all those colors....well I haven't CO for its mate yet :)
Have a good weekend!