Sunday, December 21, 2008

Embossed Leaf socks, knitted

Green socks, just in time to wear for Christmas...

I was a bit worried that I would finish them in time, especially since I had to allow a couple of days for blocking and drying. It has not been good sock-drying weather here, but, nonetheless, I braved a bit of the outdoor temps to attempt a photo which shows the true, bright, emerald green of this yarn. At least there was some sun, even if the glow is a bit weak this time of year.

Sock details: Embossed Leaf Socks from Interweave Knits Favorite Socks book. Yarn is Baruffa Aerobic merino, a heavy fingering weight, maybe even a sport weight yarn knit on size 2 dpns. These socks knit up a bit on the large size, but they knit up quickly. I eliminated the last eight rows before the toe to snug them up a bit. The only modification I made was to screw up the double-stranded tubular cast-on for the first sock.

I've rewarded my efforts in completing my Christmas knitting and learning a new cast on by starting a project just for fun. I was looking at some nice versions of the Modern Quilt Wrap on blogs and on Ravelry, and wondered if the same approach could be used to make a seamless mitered-square dish towel.

Obviously, it can. This is just the beginning, the first three blocks. Nine more to go. It will be a large, 18" x 24", towel.

I'll be adding a few blocks to the dish towel. It's a free pattern, thanks to the graciousness of Interweave Knits on line downloads to Knitting Daily subscribers. I'm using leftovers from other towel projects and enjoying it a lot.
I've been weaving the ends after I finish each square. Since the backside doesn't look very neat, having bi-color garter ridges at the color changes and picked-up stitches at the edges, I figure woven-in ends won't hurt. However, I might start weaving in as I go, using the recommended tutorial.

I do wonder why I'm liking such a mish-mash of colors. Maybe I just need something bright on these dull gray days.

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theminx said...

Even I must admit - those are pretty socks :)

vlb5757 said...

I really, really love the socks. They are my most favorite color. I wear a size 7 1/2 shoe. I can send you my address. lol! They are just lovely. I am almost finished with my next pair and am already cruising the books for a new pair to knit. I am curious about your multi-colored towel. I can't wait to see what it look like when it's done.

Jenny Girl said...

The socks are beautiful! The pattern is just gorgeous.
Great idea for left over yarn. I just found a bunch in my stash.

Wool Enough said...

The socks look great in all their completed glory. Interesting about the double-stranded tubular cast-on. I must have slid right past that bit of the instructions when I did the Embossed Leaves. The tutorials look rather daunting, but I suppose it's like anything else in knitting -- once you attack it seriously, all becomes clear.

Marjorie said...

The socks look fabulous.

I've used the instructions from Charlene Schurch's Hats On book for the tubular cast on in the round. It starts with a row of single crochet (and you knit into the bumps). I have never mastered the method in the tutorial (and I do appreciate that link). It seems much less fiddly, but I haven't managed to do it correctly. The version with the row of single crochet (which you remove eventually) works flawlessly for me

Sam said...

h the socks are lovely, and I think the dishtowel will be a fun addition to any house.