Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Piles of knitting

My Christmas knitting has grown into a tidy little pile. That's 3 neckwarmers, 3 towels, and a skirt, just fitting on a little table. The skirt isn't really a gift, it is a problem project I took over and finished for a friend. I think it counts as a gift, since the re-knit took a little over a week of my gift-knitting time. Two of the towels are the gridded towel pattern I developed--they're for the kitchen. The third towel is a bit different -- there's another look at it below.
You've seen two of the neckwarmers already. The top one was made on my rake-style knitting loom in just few days. You can see it laid out below with the second entrelac beret I've knit from the pattern in Hip Knit Hats. The neckwarmer is loomed with Karabella Margrite Bulky yarn using the zig-zag stockinette stitch. Looming yielded a double stitch fabric that works well for neckwarmers. The beret was knit from one ball of Nashua Handknits Creative Focus, a chunky yarn that worked well for this pattern. (Actually, I ran out while knitting the brim and bound off with a slightly darker gray worsted, double-stranded.) The errata for Hip Knit Hats claims the entrelac beret to be the most difficult pattern in the book, but I don't see it. It took only about three days effort to produce a striking beret that is fashionable and most flattering to wear. (In spite of that, I failed to get a nice modeled shot for you. At least there are still some bright leaves on the ground to set off the gray. I understand gray and yellow is the new hot color combo for this fall.)
Since I have yet to get buttons for the neckwarmer, a scarf pin is holding together it for now.

This towel, which you can see in the pile above, is a new detour for me. One of my giftees asked for knitted face towels. I think she meant guest towels--she mentioned something about having people over. I used an edging from Knitting over the Edge, the bubble wrap stitch, and some cream Pakucho cotton to knit this otherwise plain stockinette towel. It has a garter stitch border which you can't see here since it is folded in thirds. The bright green and yellow is Blue Sky Alpaca cotton yarn.
This simple, tasteful (I hope), knit has gotten more compliments at my knitting group than any of the other projects. That surprises me, really, but it does prove that my tastes often lead me to the more complex designs. Simplicity is always a winner.
Or it could be the pretty Blue Sky cotton--their colors really stand out.
This is all shown and said to prove that I'm still knitting things, even if the things I'm knitting don't excite me. Not that I'm not happy to knit for others. All of these and the other gifts I will knit are done by request. I don't usually knit something for someone unless I've discussed it with them first. I like to make sure people actually want my knitting. Otherwise, I'd rather knit for me. I've about reached the end of the gift knitting and am looking forward to other projects.

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Wool Winder said...

I can see why you received so many compliments on the guest towel. It's beautiful! The border really pops on the plain stockinette towel. They compliment each other very nicely.

Wool Enough said...

I second the opinion of your knitting group. That cream towel with the green and yellow edging is gorgeous.

theminx said...

Is the beret knit in the round, or flat? And the guest towel is really nice!

sydney said...

I have to admit I really like the guest towel too. The edging is perfect with the stitch pattern and color gradation.

Sam said...

I adore the guest towel -- such beautiful colours, and a simple yet stunning design.

vlb5757 said...

My pile is not a large as yours, but I was inspired to make dishcloths after reading this entry. I belong to a Secret Santa Swap and decided dishcloths with a Christmas theme would be a quick knit. I made three in two days so hopefully my person will be happy. Everyone thing looks really lovely! Guess the weather is getting colder there by now. I always feel more inspired to knit during the colder weather. I have a lot of projects to blog about but just have to get the pics and get it done.

Jenny Girl said...

I am sure all of the people who will receive these lovely gifts will treasure them and consider themsleves lucky to have received one.
Beautiful and thoughtful!

Robin said...

The towel is lovely. It's missing one thing --- a little sign that says Hands Off! Too pretty to use! My favorite color is green - especially these shades. Very nice. Also love the neckwarmer and the beret. Looks like you've got a jump on the holiday gifts!