Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ohio Creek to Keebler Pass

One of the best fall drives in Colorado lies between Gunnison and Crested Butte. It's the Ohio Creek road to Ohio Pass. The road turns to dirt after a few miles of wandering between large homes and ranches, but remains very drivable. We enjoyed a beautiful drive up to the pass and over to Crested Butte last week.

We were lucky to have perfect weather; unlucky to have missed the peak of the yellow leaves. Obligations and bad guesses made us miss the best of the Colorado fall. Last year, the leaves didn't turn until October. This year, they turned a couple of weeks earlier.

Never mind, there were still plenty clinging to the trees.

After we got to Ohio Pass, we turned left on the main road to Crested Butte. Keebler Pass is just around the next bend. The old cemetery there is worth a visit; I blogged about it last year. It looks the same, but this time I noticed some graves from more recent years, a seeming contradiction to the statement on a large memorial that the cemetery was abandoned in the 1880's.

In keeping with the fall colors, my knitting projects are in Autumnal hues. I've finished the pair of burgundy socks and a simple cowl in alpaca about the hue of the plant in the foreground in this third photo.

(I hope you enjoy these scenes. Sometimes I feel like the proverbial camera nut who comes back from vacay and forces picture viewing on friends and family. I'm encouraged by postitive comments I have gotten, so I keep posting scenic photos. As always, my photos can be viewed in a larger size by clicking on them.)

These two projects are both destined to be Christmas gifts. I've got several more gifts planned. Notably, in the last photo, an orange cowl is in the conceptual stage.

That is, I've bought the yarn. It's Jil Eaton Minnow Merino, a luscious single of incomparable softness and loft. It claims to knit to a standard 18 sts/4", so I shouldn't have too much trouble finding a pattern.

I knit the simple cowl first as a test, following the pattern for the Pashmina Cowl in Knitted Gifts. It is a Pash-paca version, using the 2 hanks of Blue Sky Alpaca sportweight I bought on sale at the Aspen Yarn Studio. This yarn is as soft as cashmere, but has a little more character. Loosely plied, it looks a little bumpy when knit. I started out on a size 3 circular, but have switched to size 4, hoping for more drape. I cast on only 100 stitches instead of the 130 called for, since this yarn knits at a larger gauge than the pattern yarn. The larger gauge means it used less yardage, so two hanks were enough.

I consider this a "test" cowl because I'm not sure how popular cowls are in the non-knitting universe. I see cowls everywhere on knit blogs and on Ravelry, but I've never seen anyone wearing one, either on the street or in the movies or on tv. Are they really going to be as popular as it seems? Lots of knitters are making them, but who's wearing them? I will just have to wait and see what the trends are this winter. In the meantime, I'll finish this one and block it. If I like it, I'll make another. If not, I'll stick to neckwarmers or short scarves.

Either way I've got several patterns possibilities all lined up and will share the links with you in my next post.

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Wool Winder said...

I for one love scenery shots. Keep them coming.

I thought neck warmers and cowls were the same type of thing. What's the difference?

sydney said...

Beautiful pics! I love them.

I like the idea of cowls but I've never worn one or seen anyone wearing one (other than on blogs). Course it's warmer here too.

Jenny Girl said...

I really enjoy the scenic shots. I live in the city and there isn't a lot of grass and trees in the vicinity. I think nature shots are inspiring and calming.

Your knitting certainly is fall themed. I haven't seen anybody wearing a coel either, but I think they will come in handy once winter comes. Cover half your face when it is windy...know what I mean?

Marjorie said...

The yarn looks gorgeous.

I've never seen anyone wear a cowl either, and my personal preference is for a scarf (either knitted or silk). I do remember some hapless school mate in 4th grade coming to school with a dickey, and all the other kids making fun of it. But those do seem to be very practical, and I've thought about knitting them on several occasions.

Sam said...

Stunning photographs! I missed getting up to the mountains in time again this year :(

Robin said...

I love the colors of autumn! The rich earth tones. I wear a neck warmer a lot. With my very short hair, I like something around my neck in the chilly weather. That pumpkin is one of my favorite colors!!