Monday, August 4, 2008

Oddities from the road trips

There's been an odd sight on Hwy 287 near Wichita Falls, Tx. that has puzzled us for years. At first, we just noticed that the trees were nicely trimmed. We wondered who had been trimming the trees so high up. Then we saw that there is a camel herd in the field.

Although the camels are usually within eyesight, they are not often near the highway. This last trip, they were quite close. It looks as though they have a new baby!

The baby still has his shaggy coat, but the adults have all shed theirs for the summer. Lucky thing, too--when we drove through Dallas, it was 105! Today, a cold front has come through our mountains, dropping the temp to 45 this morning. I hope some of this cool air drifts down to the rest of the country.

The problem of the elk baby that was stranded on the wrong side of the fence has been handled. When we drove past there last week, I saw that several of the fence panels were missing lower boards, and that new openings had been added in a couple of places. The elk should all have clear and easy passage now.
Expect more knitting content in my future blogging. I'm still knitting the sweater; I've started another sock, and I've got new books and magazines. Posted by Picasa


Patricia said...

The camels look like grazing dinosaurs at first glance. They do seem out of place in a field rather than desert sand.

bron said...

The camel picture is awesome. How bizarre to find a herd in Texas!

Love the dishtowel - I really like that grid pattern.

Marjorie said...

Do you know what the camels are doing in Texas? Is this a commercial ranch?

Wool Winder said...

I wonder if there is a reason for keeping a herd of camels. Very unusual!

I do hope you write up the pattern for the dishtowel. Love it!

Jenny Girl said...

Wow camels! How odd to find them in Texas. I think the dishtowel is cute, and will be a nice splash of color in a yellow kitchen.
I like the grid pattern.

She Knits Socks said...

I love the dishtowel. I've seen what some are calling "ball band" dishrags, but I've never found a pattern for them. This gridwork reminds me of that. I like it.

Sometimes when looking back on my life I tell my husband I never got to ride on a camel or an elephant, or learned to play the violin. Maybe I should sneak down to Texas and ride me a camel!

vlb5757 said...

How odd to see camel grazing out in a field here in the states. Are they using them for fleece?