Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Interweave Knits; finding missing back issues

This year the thought of all those old issues of Interweave Knits that I never bought was the whim that hit. You see, I just discovered IK in 2005. It's been published for 13 years. I missed over 30 issues. Last year, I bought some back issues from IK and was surprised how much I enjoyed reading them. I found several things to knit in those old designs, and wondered what was in the back issues that IK does not have.

I couldn't buy them from Interweave Press. I couldn't look at them there, or at libraries nearby (I tried). I learned that Interweave does not have all the back issues. Then, a couple of weeks ago, Interweave put up an elusive back issue for sale. I got an e-mail announcing the availability of one I'd never seen, along with a few others I had. Unfortunately, by the time I bothered to read the e-mail and click on the link, the issue was sold out. It did make me wonder why this issue was suddenly available. I thought perhaps they had simply found some back issues in storage somewhere. Now I have another theory.

I have started buying back issues from yarn shops around the U.S. During a recent phone call to a big-city lys, the shop owner told me that she didn't keep their back issues--she returned them to Interweave, thus explaining the mystery of the sudden appearance of a back issue. However, not all of the yarn shops return their back issues. Some keep them, and most of those sell the ones they have for the price on the magazine cover. That, and the price of postage, has brought me some of the issues I was missing.

ETA:  Since I wrote this post, I have collected all the back issues of IK.  Although most (perhaps all) are now available from the publisher in digital format, I still like having the paper copies.


Laura said...

Ok, now completely randomly, I'll venture...16 issues?
I have bought IK from the start but with on and off years so I have the early issues on your photo but some big omissions in intervening years.

Mainly, I wanted to suggest ebay as a good way to find back issues of knitting magazines. I have acquired lots of back issues of Knitter's (back when it was worth collecting), VK and some French craft magazine favorites via ebay. Or has Ravelry made ebay obsolete?

bron said...


theminx said...

Happy Birthday!!

Sam said...

Happy Birthday -- and what a great gift :)

I'm going to guess 6. Good luck locating the missing issues.

Marjorie said...

Happy Birthday.

I have most IKs, having begun to buy them in 1996 or 97, and you're right. Some of those early issues have some nice patterns and good articles. Until then I collected VKs (and have all but the children's issue) and Knitters.

Other back issues that are great are from Threads, before they switched to sewing only. I have a duplicate set of all those (they were my mother's), and I planned to sell them on eBay this fall. Most are technical articles rather than patterns, but they're very good and I refer to them often.

There's an internet site for out-of-print knitting magazines called When you get to the main page, click "Products". Then on that page, click "magazines". The prices are high, but many back issues are available.

Sonja said...

I'll guess you are missing 12. Happy birthday. My daughter's was yesterday ;)

Suzy Girl said...

Happy Birthday!! What a great idea for locating back issues.
I'm going to guess 4.

Patricia said...

I'll guess 3 issues are missing from your library.
I ordered several issues as well but i can't say that I will try for the complete set. I am drowning in magazines and have to make some tough decisions.
Hope you birthday was grand. I know you'll score gold in the Ravelympics.

Jenny Girl said...

Happy Birthday Luni! May you have a wonderful day and week for that matter.

Interesting info about IK. Never knew. Guess I'll hang on to all those suckers from now on.

This is probably pretty high, but I'll guess 13. Maybe it will be lucky for me.