Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Another quilt show

I enjoyed attending my second quilt show this past weekend. Truthfully, my enthusiasm for the quilts is fading. I was more interested in getting bargains in the member's shop and silent auction than I was in viewing the quilts. There were some nice ones, though. I thought this star quilt photographed well, as did the one below it.

There were hundreds of beautiful quilts. Some of the best quilts didn't make these photos, due to lack of light and an odd breeze that kept them moving. The show was indoors, but still, there was a breeze. If you like quilts, you should click the photos for a larger image.

The third photo is of is the winner from the annual competition. The wall-hanging-sized entries were fascinating, since the challenge this year was to learn three new quilting techniques and use them in the entry. Each entry explained which techniques they used--most of which were new to me. The one that struck me as the most imaginative used small rectangles of fabric with different variations of the same design printed on them. The rectangles were hooked together with washers.

If you want to see more quilts, here are last year's and one I attended in another state. I find it worthwhile to attend quilt shows. Besides the goodies (I got a nice potholder and won a basket of great hair products, including a manicure, at the silent auction), I enjoy looking at any type of fiber arts.

Even though I don't quilt or weave, I am often fascinated by a blog entry on spinning, or dyeing, or any other technique I haven't tried. I'll read about them all with interest, but I haven't been seriously tempted to try anything else--yet.

It is still all about the knitting here.


sydney said...

Nice quilts! I like to look at quilts but I don't really like to quilt. Maybe someday I'll try something easy. Nice looking Monkey sock!

Wool Enough said...

That first-place quilt is truly impressive. I'd sure love to hang it on my wall.

Patricia said...

Happy 4th!
Great quilts and I love the new banner.

Marjorie said...

I'm with you about quilting. It looks like so much fun to do, but with my backlog of sewing fabric and knitting yarn, the chances of my ever learning to quilt are about zero.

The monkey sock (and the modeling shot) are great. I have that pattern clipped, and I hope to get to it sooner or later.