Monday, June 30, 2008

Yarn Shops in Grand Junction

Last week, we drove to Deer Valley, Utah (near Salt Lake City) to visit friends. I enjoyed checking out the sights along the way, and the yarn shops in Grand Junction on the way back.
The first thing I noticed was that the Wyoming and Utah mountains are about two months behind the Colorado mountains, spring-wise. They've had a long, cold winter and have just broken out into spring. I found this pretty little bunch of flowers at a campground when we drove through Wyoming on the way over.
There's a rest stop in Wyoming on I-80, somewhere between Rawlins and Green River, and it is filled with prairie dogs. It turned out to be a great place to stop, especially for those traveling with children.
K and I have been fascinated with prairie dogs since we first saw them in Colorado, but we've never been able to get close to any of them. These at the rest stop will come right up to you, probably because the people with children were feeding them.
We stopped at Green River to visit Flaming Gorge. The next photo is of Firehole Canyon there.
We returned by way of Grand Junction, and I took the opportunity to check out the yarn shops there. I often visit Mapmuse and pick out a yarn shop or two to visit on any trip I take. Unfortunately for my yarn budget, I feel obligated to purchase something when I step through the doors.
I was somewhat relieved to find that the first shop we came to was on summer hours and was closed that day. It is called Tangle and is in a small wood-framed house a block off the main highway. Now that I've looked at their website, I'm disappointed I didn't get to go in. They might have been the best of all.
From there, it was just a few blocks to the Needle Cottage. It is located in the very cute and picturesque downtown Grand Junction. K pointed out that they must do a big wedding business there, since there are shops for bridal dresses and tuxedos alongside the usual restaurants and small shops--perhaps people come over from Utah to get married?
The Needle Cottage is small, but has a nice selection of basic yarn, along with 'art' yarns. As you would guess from the name, they also sell tapestry yarn. (I am ignorant of the product, so I could be wrong about the yarn type.) I got an impression that this shop was reorganizing, since there was someone there who seemed to be discussing purchasing some of the furnishings. I hope they're not closing.
The third shop, The Yarn Store, was on the outskirts of town in a strip mall. This one was full of yarn basics, and many crocheted samples. There was knitting, too, but since I thought that most of the yarn I saw was readily available on line, I was able to control my urge to buy.
I did find some Cascade Indulgence on the sale rack at the Needle Cottage. I wasn't sure why I should get it, but I can never pass up a sale. There was only 5 balls; it's dk weight, so there wasn't enough for a sweater. However, I really liked the color. Once I picked it up I realized that it was so soft I couldn't pass it up. Once I got home with it, I was relieved to find that it was perfect for one of the patterns in my queue--the Gathered Scarf. Even though I have other projects waiting to be finished, I couldn't resist celebrating this fortuitous matching of yarn and pattern by casting on.

Now that I have, this new project, like the new girl in fifth grade (you know, the one that looks like Abigal Breslin in the Kitt Kittredge movie) is occupying all my time. I have to force myself to pick up my nearly-finished Monkey sock, or the back of the Sideways Cardi. Just like all the fifth graders, I would much rather be spending time with the new girl.
She's just so pretty and nice, and considering the facts: I can knit this scarf at twice the speed of the socks; the pattern changes every six rows, so even though I'm knitting plain stockinette or garter, I'm not bored; the new girl wins every time. It is simply going to be a darn nice scarf. I hope I have enough left for a hat in the same stitch pattern.
I can just see that curling edge would make a cute brim.


Bron said...

I just did the same thing - cast on for something new - and now I don't want to work on anything else! I wish I didn't have my stupid class tonight, I just want to sit & knit.

Cute prairie dog. ;)

vlb5757 said...

I looked at the Tangle shop website and your are right. It might have been a good place to scope out. I like the new scarf. I can't wait to see it done. I am chugging away on my second Clapotis so I can give away the first one that I made. I am not happy with the color so it's going. It's not the new girl, but it's pretty quick and easy. I am hoping to have a "new girl" here shortly.

I lived in Lubbock, TX for a while and there was a Prairie dog town there. They were so cute and such social and vocal creatures. When they have their pups out, it's the main attraction even for locals.

Sam said...

Thanks for sharring the info about the yarn stores in Grand Junction. I took a look at Tangle's website and it looks like a nice store. If I'm in the area I'll have to swing by.

Jenny Girl said...

Beautiful pictures! It just looks so grand. Hence the name, I guess.