Tuesday, June 10, 2008

One Year Ago

One year ago today, I posted the first entry in this blog. I wrote about my trip to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, proudly displaying this photo of my yarn haul, and posing the question:
"Will I knit this yarn, or just store it away?"
One year has passed, during which I knit over 25 garments, using around 15,000 yards of yarn. How much of the MDSW yarn did I use? Less than 1,000 yards. The bulk of it is still sitting in the closet. I'm not complaining--yarn in the closet is a good thing, and this is very good yarn.
What I knit is on the bottom row (pure coincidence). From left to right--The rose Permaquid from The Fibre Company made a lovely neckwrap and hat, combined with a ball of Jaeger Merino Chunky. It was gifted and well-received. The lilac Brooks Farm Duet became a wrap that I have never worn. I'm afraid it is too small for a wrap, and has a construction that makes it look strange as a scarf. I'd frog it, but I don't think the Duet would frog well. On the positive side, the pattern is my own, so I could actually sell this wrap/scarf. I used just one hank of the red Chroma dk (also The Fibre Company) in my entrelac scarf and hat, also gifted and well-received. I didn't plan to use the Chroma in that project, but I wanted something softer to mix with the Noro Silk Garden I was expected to use in the entrelac class I took. I have no idea what I'll do with the other two hanks.
Reviewing these few projects and comparing them to what I bought leads one (well, me, for sure, and you, probably) to wonder, "Why?" Why did I buy this yarn? Of course, if you've ever been to a large fiber fest, you know the answer. I knew about the yarn-buying fever that overtakes the usual attendee, and I had a plan. I brought a list of patterns and yarn requirements with me. One of the vendors even told me that I was much more organized than her average customer. I had a plan, but I haven't followed through on the plan. The two big sweater sized lots, the blue and the dark brown, were supposed to be a pullover and a cardigan, respectively. At least that was my plan, but it doesn't explain why I bought glass buttons for a pullover. (!?)
I decided not to use the blue yarn for my Bubble Pullover; it is too scratchy and is the wrong gauge once it is washed. Now that doesn't mean I didn't follow through there, not really. I just bought more yarn and knit the Bubble Pullover with that. The dark brown yarn is ready to be knit. I have selected a pattern, I have swatched, I have considered, I am waiting...waiting to finish what I've decided to knit in the meantime.
Let's just say I had a plan, and the plan has changed. It's my plan, after all. My plan, my hobby, my knitting. I love it, and I'm happy with what I'm doing. If I jump from project to project, change my mind, get rid of yarn I don't want, buy yarn I want, and keep yarn I never use, no one really notices, unless I tell them. In other words, no fuss, no worry, and, unless I starve small children and pets to pay for yarn, or engage other illegal or immoral yarn activities, no consequences that I can see.
It's been a great year. I've enjoyed this little trip down my lane of knitting memories. I'm looking forward to another year. I have a plan, but really, who knows where that plan will go? There will be unexpected events, I'm sure.
Speaking of the unexpected, have you seen the buzz about weaving? I've been making a first-class, low-class effort to ignore it, consistently criticizing everything I've seen posted. I look, I think, "Oh, that's ugly; I'd never wear that; Warping that loom looks like a real chore."...those kind of thoughts, But then, here's the first description of a weaving project to actually make me consider it seriously. Bonus: there's a knit pattern in there, too. (If you're a Cast-on listener, you probably have already seen this.)
There was a loom for sale at the stash sale last weekend. I was tempted, but so was someone else, so I backed away. It's lurking, though, the temptation is lurking. In the meantime, I've got lots of knitting projects planned, and about 25,000 yards of yarn to knit.


vlb5757 said...

You are WAY too organized! I just got my credit card bill yesterday for MS&W. Boy did I go nuts! I have been using that yarn and have done a few things from last year. Every year I go I think I will use better judgment than the year before; doesn't happen-EVER! Maybe from now on I will be on a yarn diet. Nah!

Jenny Girl said...

The weaving is beautiful, and I can understand the pull of the loom. The texture and look is so different and appealing. Its something that interests you and it's different than what you have been doing. Whay don't you take a class or buy a book first and get your feet wet? Invest in a used loom before you buy a brand new one, and realize you may not like it.

Patricia said...

You have always impressed me as a very disciplined person. I, on the other hand, am the antithesis and always striving to become more organized. My SAFF purchases from last year are all unknit and I often wonder about how to go about shopping. This year my thought were to pick patterns that i long to make and find the appropriate yarn. Then maybe make a purchase or two for yarn that reaches out and grabs me.
As you fell under the speel of the loom, I am always seduced by the spinning wheel. For now, I will remain a knitter.

Anonymous said...

Did you truly make 25 garments in one year?!