Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mad, fiber-feeding frenzy

Saturday started out as a great day, just a bit windy. My neighbor's tree has leafed out. Later, it will be a just a little green tree, but now it is a spring traffic-stopper on our corner. The pretty morning was the beginning of a good day.
The local fiber guild's annual stash sale was a big success, at least for me. I sold almost everything I brought! I'm so surprised and pleased. My stash is cleaned out, and I am expecting to come out ahead, even after I deduct what I spent at the sale.
Of course, I bought more yarn. There were bargains--some dk weight cotton, a hank of bulky wool in a gorgeous soft brown, and my splurge of the day, two hanks of silk/wool blend, hand-dyed in the colors of softly worn blue jeans.
The guild president (the same temptress who sells the luscious better-than-cashmere alpaca) had a bin full of yarn. I had located a couple of pattern possibilities for the hank of Goosebump yarn I bought from her at the Pagosa Springs fiber fest. The Eye of Partridge shawl pattern makes a small neckscarf-type shawl, and would give the soft alpaca some shape. If the yarn is too bulky for that pattern, I might try the Sunray (Rav link). In my scarf-pattern browsing, I've been admiring the various examples of Veronik Avery's Lace Ribbon Scarf on the 'net, and had decided I needed to buy yarn for it. Funny how one project inspires another...
I dug around in the sale bin until I found this potentially compatible yarn for the lace ribbon. I think there's about 400 yards. I'm going to swatch and see if works out. I might also swatch for the gathered scarf before I decide, even though the gathered scarf takes more yarn.
A nice lightweight scarf would be a good travel project, and would be a break from sock-knitting. I don't have any real traveling planned, just a day-trip or two. The rafting fest is this week, starting Thursday and going through the weekend. The weather prediction is for cool and sunny. Nice weather for knitting and watching rafts paddle by, I hope. Last year's festival was fun, according to my blog entry.
The river is clearing up a bit, which makes it prettier, although still high and swift.
However, spring is truly here in the Colorado mountains. The deer are leaving town for the hills, and the mountain passes are opening. Proof abounds, especially in my yard, where my columbines have bloomed. Last year, when we first bought this house, the flower beds were filled with odd (to me) plants. I wasn't sure what was a weed and what was worth keeping. After a visit to the local garden club, I found out that I had a lot of columbine plants. I eagerly waited to find out what color they were, but was disappointed. They never bloomed. This year, after last's summer's sprinkling and fertilizing, and this past winter's heavy snow, they have all bloomed beautifully. I'd say they are the state flower, the lavender blue columbine. I think I have some other colors, but they haven't bloomed yet.


Marjorie said...

That alpaca is beautiful. I haven't been thinking much about scarves (except for the one in bamboo that I promised a friend who is allergic to wool), but after following your links I feel the itch to knit one.

Vickie said...

This is really funny. I checked the Eye of Partridge Scarf. It's the same pattern as the heel of my socks. This one should be easy to do. I would want to make it a larger shawl. I bookmarked that site so that I can think more about making it someday. I also bookmarked the Ribbon Lace Scarf about three months ago and then downloaded the pattern for myself. Great minds think alike!

Jenny Girl said...

Congrats on the sale and purchases! Good job!
Beautiful flower...never heard of it before.

Patricia said...

That tree looks like a Tabebuia tree. We have one in our yard. It looks like a half dead twig for 11 months of the year, but one month in March it blooms with a vengeance and puts all other trees to shame.
I am envious of your stash sale success. Bonnie and i are always dreaming of places to live that can feed our knitting and fiber addiction. We will be making our pilgrimage to Asheville again this October for SAFF.