Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Knit a Prism (socks)

Ah, socks, nice hand-knitted socks for me. This is a very welcome, warm and wonderful thing, considering that the overnight temperature here last night was below freezing. (No kidding, in fact right now the temp is 52). I was cold when I went out to take these photos yesterday evening, but my feet were warm. (Before you think I have an oddly-shaped left foot, I should tell you that I'm lifting my heel out of the shoe to show you the pink heel flap and the gusset.
I used three colorways for these socks, alternating two of them and using the third for the heel flap and the toe. My only disappointment is that the two colorways I used were too close together. They mix into an overall brown.
But really, these socks couldn't have been better timed. The day I was finishing the foot on the second sock, I felt something cold on my heel. I looked down and saw a huge hole in the heel of my only pair of brown socks--my much loved and much worn machine-made socks. Now I have a replacement and I will see how long a hand-knit slip-stitch heel lasts.
I wasn't particulary pleased with the slip-stitch heel flap. It is very thick and cushy, and thus it seems as though it will be more durable. However, the slipped stitches pull the heel in a bit, making the sock fit tightly around my ankle. I had to add a few stitches when I picked up around the flap. I usually add stitches at the corners, and knit them together to avoid holes. This time I had to leave them in to keep the instep from stretching out.

Sock details:

Prism pattern + Koigu KPPPM yarn + size 1 Crystal Palace dpns. The only modifications I made were to add one stitch between each slipped stitch, requiring 65 stitches in total, then increasing to 68 after the heel flap. I added the stitch between to space out the slipped stitches, after having seen this modification on Ravelry.


Wool Enough said...

Lovely socks. I like that pattern; it shows off multi-color yarn really well.

Marjorie said...

Those look great. And I'm really jealous that it is cold enough to wear wool socks. I've removed every garment possible (without being cited for indecent exposure), and even the thought of trying on some hand knitted item is making me sweat.

That is a really nice pattern for Koigu. I dumbly got two skeins thinking I could make socks from them, and clearly won't have enough. A third one might get me something that looks as nice as your pair.

vlb5757 said...

You did a great job on the socks. I love my wool and wool blend socks. I am still getting used to cotton blends. I don't seem to like them as much. I guess the weather here has something to do with that. It's really hot here so wearing socks is out of the question. This is the pedicure season and I go barefooted a lot. If I lived someplace cooler my socks would have a longer wearing season.

Jenny Girl said...

Nice socks! I like the pattern...simple yet something going on.
Although it's hotter than heck where I am, I wear my sock in the house because I made, they make me happy, and my air conditioning makes my feet cold.