Friday, May 16, 2008

Stork's Nest Scarf, knitted

I had fun on my recent trip. Some of the fun involved knitting. I was able to complete a short version of the Stork's Nest Scarf by Nancy Bush. The pattern can be found in the January 2008 issue of Piecework magazine. (ETA: That issue is now out of print, but the same pattern was re-published in Knitting Traditions, an Interweave special issue.)

I used the recommended yarn, Jojoland 2-ply, a 100% cashmere yarn and size 4 wooden straights. I say "wooden" because I switched between Clovers and Brittanys for this project.

That's enough knitting talk for now. I'll finish this up with a couple of photos from my New York trip. I lucked upon a decent angle shot of the Empire state building. The sun was behind it, but was shielded by clouds. It distracted me from people/shop watching, which was really the activity I enjoyed the most during our brief visit.


Jenny Girl said...

Your scarf came out beautifully. And there's nothing like meeting another knitter, especially on a long plane trip :)

Slightly torn between your next knitting project choices, but I think I would go with the top from Vogue. I like the slanting line pattern.

Sam said...

I love your scarf. And how fun to meet a fellow knitter on the plane. :)

jane said...

Your scarf is beautiful! Jane

Robin said...

Love the scarf pattern!