Monday, May 19, 2008

Cabana Tee, handknit

I've finished the Cabana Tee, and I can't say enough good things about the pattern and the yarn. The pattern can be found in the latest Knitscene, the Winter 07/Spring 08 issue. It's simple, easy, and flattering. (Fits my goals.) Although it called for Four Seasons cotton, I used Berocco Touche for the bodice, teaming it with Berocco Soft Twist that I recycled from another top. The Touche color is Lemon Meringue, and the Soft Twist is deep purple. I used a size 6 circular needle, and knit it in the round from the top down, the easy way. It took me about a month, but could probably be done in a couple of weeks if it hadn't had to share my attention with a couple of other knitting projects.

As far as modification, I only made one. I added minimal waist shaping, placing a double decrease at each side twice, then a double increase an inch or so lower. That bit of a decrease provides a little dip in the waist. I did change the sizing to 36", but that wasn't difficult enough to consider it a modification.

The rest of the shaping is due to the drape of the fabric. Both yarns have rayon content, and the Soft Twist is heavy enough to pull the bodice down. Together they make a comfortable, soft summer top. The little cap sleeves are great. I hope they will make the sweater wearable most of the summer. (The mountain summer, that is. No matter what the cut of a sweater, I find worsted weight hand knits too hot for most summer days above 80 degrees.)


Marjorie said...

Very nice, but I like the no tie. I'm not sure why.

Kathy aka the Minx said...

Love it - great color combination! But no does look like stitches in an incision.

Sam said...

Very cute. Although I like having a touch of the purple at the top, I'm thinking no tie is my preference.

Patricia said...

Great sweater and the color placement is just right. However, I'm in the keyhole camp. I love a bit of skin showing at the neck.

sydney said...

Cute top! I prefer it without the tie, although the purple in the top portion is nice.

Jenny Girl said...

I like this top. It is adorable. I'm not skilled enough yet to make modifications, so kudos to you.
I like to keyhole tied up with the accent color. Breaks up the top.

I vote for Rosalind. I like all the details and the open cardi look.