Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bear Claws and Shavano Angel

We've reached that time of year where it is sunny, then it snows, then it is sunny and the snow is gone. Back & forth, up and down. Sometimes it is a nice day, if the wind doesn't blow, but it freezes every night. Still, I think there will be a spring, (why else am I knitting spring sweaters?) and sometime, sooner or later, a summer.

I hope I'm not planning too many cotton sweaters. After all, the saying here about summer is: "Summer came last Thursday, and I had to work, so I missed it." Coming from a climate with at least 6 months of summer, I find this funny.

I have a cotton camisole to knit this summer, and that Vogue summer top, but I don't like to knit cotton exclusively. I'm hoping to make some headway on the crocheted afghan. Yes, I'm still plodding along on it, turning out a few squares now and then. I'm not going to stop until I run out of one of the colors of yarn. I hope that will produce no more than 77 squares. Time will tell. I'm also considering a knitted afghan. I've swatched for it:

This is the Bear Claw Blanket by Veronik Avery, published in the Spring 2005 Interweave Knits. If I followed the pattern, I'd use Koigu, light colors, and make 9 squares for a baby blanket. Instead, I'll use Wool-ease and Encore from my afghan stash, make 6 squares and make a small (40" x 60") afghan. It is a fun knit, and not too hot (I hope) to work on this summer. Only five more squares to go! :)

Something else that is going away with the cold weather is the Shavano Angel. This is a snow figure that is visible on Mount Shavano when conditions are right. If it has snowed on the mountain, (which is what it does, mostly) and then the snow melts (or blows, brrr) off the higher spots, but stays in the shadowy crevasses, you see her.

In case you have to know what it is to see it, I'll explain. When I first came here and saw the name, Angel of Shavano, I thought that it was an organization which assisted people in the local housing project, which is named after Mt. Shavano. It took me months to learn that the reference was to the angel on the mountain.

This close up will help--upraised arms, a head and a torso. There is the suggestion of wings under the arms, and a halo above the head. (Actually, it looks more like a funny hairdo to me. Who does that call to mind? Tina Turner?)
She is much photographed, and has been painted. She's a popular lady. I actually took these photos a couple of months ago, when the conditions were right.


Corwink said...

That blanket is going to be gorgeous! I can't wait to see it grow. I want to make one. LOL!

Kathy aka the Minx said...

Patti LaBelle!

A blanket of big squares...sounds like a good warm-weather project to me!

Marjorie said...

The blanket in the heavier yarn will be very nice. I never would have thought of that adaptation from the pattern in IK, but it will look beautiful.