Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cathode sweater, knitting complete

Here's my latest sweater. I knit this using yarn I had stashed over a year ago. Back then, if it was yarn, if it was discounted or on sale, I bought it. I'm only slightly more discrimating now. If it is nice yarn and on sale at a good discount, I buy it. Thank goodness I've improved my tastes, and have since learned that not all the yarn that is priced right is the right yarn to knit.

The blue yarn is Kaleidoscope by Manetto Hill Yarnery. I found a lot of their yarns at Tuesday Morning. I suppose Manetto Hill has gone out of business, or at least this line of yarn has been discontinued. Otherwise, I wouldn't have found it there--Tuesday Morning is a closeout retailer. The yarn is a loosely chained concoction of single plies, one of which is a shiny teal thread. The other ply goes through color changes along the length. The fiber content is wool, acrylic, and acetate. Touching these with any degree of pressure will cause the plies to separate, fly apart even, as though they hate each other. To say it snags easily is an understatement. I'm glad my 350 yards of this stuff is knitted up.

The teal cuffs and ribbing is Berroco Ultra Alpaca. I had bought one hank to try and dithered a bit about the color, settling on this one as a favorite. It is close enough to the teal in the Manetto to pass without too close an inspection. This photo shows the match well enough:

I like the Ultra Alpaca a lot and wouldn't mind knitting an entire sweater with it. It is scratchy in the hank, but washing softens it a lot, making it wearable. It knits easily, but is a bit slippery. Once knitted it is fluffy, squishy, and has a nice halo from the alpaca. There's enough wool in it to make it elastic. That's where the scratchy comes from, I suppose, but it is worth a little scratchy for yarn this pretty. The colors are intense, with nice flecks of darker and lighter hues.

Since I mean this to be a spring sweater, I was glad to find that the alpaca is not too warm. I suppose that is because I'm only using it in the cuffs and ribbing.

The pattern I used is Cathode by Stephanie Japel, published in Knitty. You may not recognize it, since I knit in a much smaller gauge (13 st/in) and left off the collar. I tried out a garter stitch edging at the neckline, knitting it flat for those rows to make it an easier knit and to allow for a button, just in case the neck was too tight to get over my head. It turns out that I need that small break, otherwise I would just sew it shut. I found a small, round, black button in my button drawer that works.


Anonymous said...

I knew you wouldn't let me down. Great all around sweater. So Tuesday AM has yarn? I haven't visited one in years. It looks like I migt have to stop back by.

vlb5757 said...

The new sweater is cute. I am disappointed it's not GREEn, but you know my prejudice about that. lol! I checked out the Cloud and it looks cute. So will that be green? When the winter is over in CO what is it like in the summer months? Do you have the chance to wear "summer" sweaters?

Kathy aka the Minx said...

I like it! Is the teal solid, or is it slightly mottled/tweedy (because I'm seeing other colors)?

Sam said...

Wow you are a fast knitter! That's a lovely pattern -- the sweater looks really nice on you.