Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Knitted Angora Lace Beret

I have wasted much time trying to photograph the beret I knitted from the A.C.A. angora yarn. I'm pleased with the beret, but it is so fuzzy, and the fuzzies catch the light. K says that when I wear it, it looks like a squirrel is sitting on my head. I find that amusing, and a bit endearing. That is, it makes me think of the beret endearingly, not of K endearingly. Smart remarks will only get you so far...)

This one at least shows a little of the lace pattern. I followed the pattern for the lace beret from A Gathering of Lace.

This may be the only pattern I knit from this book. I bought the book a couple of years ago, after I knit my first couple of lace projects, and thought I'd be knitting lace often. That thought lasted until I saw the complexity of some of the lace projects, especially the shawls. Then, once I found I can knit lace shawls, but won't wear them, I put the book away.

The only thing that stuck in my mind was this beret. When I first saw it, it looked so complex, but lovely. Although the yarn doesn't show off the pattern much, and I had to omit much of the band and one of the repeats, I still am so happy to find that the complex-looking pattern is actually quite simple to knit.

After all, the lace strips and cables are the same that I used when I knitted Spring Fling and Sienna. Add to that the increases and decreases you need for a beret, and you've got it. I've knitted a couple or three berets before, so I'm familar with the concept. I've certainly gotten the 'block around a dinner plate' process down. However, I've never knit one that fit me before.

This beret actually fits well. It is snug enough so that I haven't had to put elastic in the brim, but loose enough to be comfortable. I think that can be credited to the light weight of the angora. If it were heavier, it would probably slide down around my ears.

Another thing about it, it is the warmest thing. If I wear it too long when I'm indoors, my head actually begins to sweat.


Rosemary said...

The beret came out *really* nice! You are so productive. Love the necklace, too. I'll look for that shop.

vlb5757 said...

I love the beret. I really don't think much about wearing things on my head but more of my hands. I hate having cold hands. The necklace is cute. Plus it's a bonus that it matches your sweater. Finding little treasures like that are always so exciting. Usually I get lost somewhere, find some place, want to go back and then can't remember how I got there in the first place.

Nancy said...

I love the beret. I have some angor I am hoarding, this might be a good use for it.

Marjorie said...

The beret is really nice. I found a beret pattern in an old VK (simpler than yours) that I've grown to like, and I've knitted it several times for me and for gifts. I also used fuzzy yarn (discontinued Classic Elite Tapestry). I didn't think yarn like that would cable well, but you've proved me wrong.

Sam said...

The beret is beautiful, and I love the clover.

Patricia said...

Hey, that turned out so well. At least you have the climate to wear angora. My Pidge has been worn just once. I did love those little balls nestled in the box. I still have the original container. I might have to scour eBay for some more and try a Mobeus.