Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Seamless mitered squares

Yes, Virginia, it is possible to knit mitered squares by the hundreds and not have to sew them together. It is even possible to stripe those mitered squares, but that does mean you have ends to weave in--unless, well, I'll tell you about that later.
I found a slip stitch that resembles mitered squares very much like, you know, the ones made famous by Mason-Dixon Knitting.
When I first saw this pattern in 250 Beautiful Knitting Patterns by Gisela Klopper, I couldn't execute it. First off, the entire book is beautiful color charts, which is great for chart lovers, but there are no row by row instructions. Second, most of the charts only have the odd rows. The even rows are sometimes patterned, but then the even row instructions are included by using different symbols on the odd rows, symbols that include the instructions for both rows--in one symbol. Confused? I was, but I've got it now.

The pattern is a 10 stitch, 20-row repeat, with garter stitch forming the horizontal stripes to the left of the right angle turn, and stockinette slipped stitches forming the vertical stripes to the right.


Kathy said...

That's the problem I'm having with my mitred square mittens - too many darn ends to weave in! I'm trying to weave them as I go, however, and will just trim all the hanging bits off when I'm done.

Julie McC. said...

Okay, as the possessor of too many unsewn miters, I want to say, this is just cruel. Although at least I have a use for all those ends; I'll use them to sew the miters together. Someday. Maybe. When pigs whistle.

vlb5757 said...

You are just too funny! I was in a hurry yesterday when I took a look at the pictures. I didn't read the blog. Today while having my hour of quiet time and tea, I read the blog. I was lead down the garden path. I clicked on the Virginia and saw it was my blog. I went back and read it again. Got a laugh at how far I fell down the well. lol! I love the mitered squares and I have the Mason Dixon book, but have never tried them. I am too busy being on my sock tear. When that has passed I might have to give them a try. I was telling some of my friends the other day about the knitting cursing terms blog entry. I got the biggest kick out of that.

Marjorie said...

That is a very neat way to get mitered squares--another thing I need to try. For some reason, the instructions always seemed a bit inscrutable.

Anonymous said...

Hi..just jumped over from Sams blog. Your work is really beautiful, and very clever too. Well done!