Monday, January 7, 2008

Fool's Yarn

I've applied an honest assessment to the yarn I have. I did sort through my stash and take out the yarn I didn't want to knit. I did knit up some of the odd bits I had. I did set some aside for swapping. As a result, I now have less than 8,000 yards of yarn in what I consider my "stash." That is, if I define stash as yarn without a project; yarn I haven't decided how to use. Unpurposed yarn, perhaps that is the true Fool's Yarn. 8,000 yarns of yarn that I don't have any reason to own, except that I like it.

That's not too much, I think, until I admit that I have other yarn. Since I've got my knitting room, I've looked at almost all the yarn I own. Yarn for sweaters, about 7,500 yards. Yarn for afghans, around 5,500 yards. Plus the bag of yarn I need to take to Goodwill, and the box of yarn I plan to take to the swap this summer. None of which counts the yarn for the projects I'm currently knitting, but all of which is detailed in my spreadsheet (which you can see by clicking the link to My Stash in the sidebar). In other words, I'm organized, but I still have more yarn than before I started going through the stash. So I'm very glad I don't have more yarn coming to me. I suppose.

I'm also glad that I've completed my final, truly the last, Christmas present for 2007. The recipient of this one went away for Christmas and just got home last week, so I had extra time, and I took it. Now they are done, and the hat and neckwarmer will be mailed today.

The hat is from Hip Knit Hats. I can't model it because it is too small for me.

The neck wrap is the ever-popular smidge, or knock-off neck warmer. This one was loomed, which produces a slimmer double-knit stitch than needle knitting. Both are made with Permaquid yarn from The Fibre Co. The beige yarn is Jaeger Extra Fine Merino Chunky.

In the meantime, I've been wandering around Ravelry, searching for nice sweaters and such. For those who don't have the time or access to do the same, here are some nice photos I've found:

There's the intriguing gap scarf, with much discussion on how one would knit it. I found this one fairly quickly after it was posted. I usually miss out on the good patterns, like the Cloud Bolero
and the Mustard Cloud Bolero, and a longer cloud bolero.

I also think this is Quite the Jacket, although it had to go through multiple feltings to get there.

I have tried to find links to these that don't lead to Ravelry. That way, they are accessible to everyone, not just to Ravelry users. Of course, the photos are in Flickr. One thing I found interesting to do is to look at a user's photos in Flickr, using the slideshow option. Not a lot of info, but lovely photos of knitting. Here's two:

(Don't miss her Radial Collar sweater, on page 7 if you're impatient. It's my favorite)

(She's a designer, so some of these patterns are for sale.)
Have fun getting lost in the photos!


Bron said...

Sorry your yarn didn't work out, but weeding out stash is always a good thing. :)

How did I miss Cloud Bolero?

Sheesh. And here I thought I'd been spending every waking minute on Ravelry. Obviously I need to spend some sleeping ones too. Sigh.

vlb5757 said...

Nice photos of the knitting but where did you get that lovely clock. My mom has lots of old clocks from Germany and Japan that I covet. I just love them. Most do not run, but I don't really care. I just love how old they are. That's a really nice looking clock in the backround. Sorry I got distracted!

Julie McC. said...

The knitting is, as always, wonderful, and I want to make one of those neck-warmers. But wait, who's Willie?

Patricia said...

Ysolda's work is great, isn't it?
This is my year to really appriciate my yarn acquisition's instead of adding to my yarn baskets. My stash is all on Ravelry and I love being able to click on the various types of yarn and look at what other's have made. Very inspirational.

vlb5757 said...

I looked at the Flickr photos and they were really fabulous. I am amazed at how complicated all of them look. I have something to aspire to for sure!