Friday, December 7, 2007

Sienna Cardigan Critique

This post will serve as my 'critique' of the Sienna Cardigan I just finished. However, I can say at the outset that there's no criticism intended. Nothing wrong with this pattern at all. In fact, I considered using the word "praise" instead of critique. I didn't, I just assumed that a critique can include praise. Sienna is a well-designed, well-written pattern.

I followed the pattern, and it looks like the pattern picture. What more could a knitter ask? Clear directions? In there. Details. In there. Simplicity. There.

What was different was the yarn. I fell in love with the Alpaca with a Twist Highlander when I saw a knitted sample in my lys. It was the softest yarn I'd ever touched, but had enough body to look nice in cables. Where I went wrong was believing the gauge on the label. At a reported 18 st/4", I thought I'd need plenty. I bought all the hanks they had (7) in this color, but didn't think there would be enough. Then I swatched it, and washed the swatch. I think I started with 16 or 17 st/4", but ended with 15 st after washing. That's a pretty big difference from the 18 I expected.
Thank goodness I washed it, so I knew to pick a pattern for a bulky weight yarn. I'd been wanting to knit Sienna since I first saw it. However, now that it is done, I can see that a bulky weight sweater is definitely not slimming. Warm maybe, but not that flattering to the figure. I knitted the smallest size, expecting that a bulky sweater with no ease might look better? Probably a poor assumption, I realize now.
So. That's it. Pattern, yarn, hmmm. Oh, I used size 9 needles, and only 6 of the 7 hanks of yarn I had. It was a very quick knit, but since it was my Grey's Anatomy KAL project, I didn't work on it much each week. It probably took me maybe less than 30 hours, all told.


mary said...

quite impressed! the cardigan is lovely on you, the swatch police should have you as their spokesperson and I haven't finished anything I started for the GA KAL!

Sonja said...

Thanks for all the pictures. What a great sweater and an interesting path to a finished object. What is a knitting blog without pictures of knitting?

With Wanda - beware of patterns,where the model has to be in an unnatural position to show it off. Usually it is not a good sign. Maybe you can find another photo of it in Ravelry?

Rosemary said...

Oh, what a lovely sweater! You are so slim - you don't need a sweater to be slimming! You did a beautiful job!

I hope that your back is feeling better?

Wow, I'm envious of your knitting studio! Mine? It's a backpack... lol

Bron said...

The more pictures, the better. That's really a lovely project and you look great in it. I considered that pattern when the magazine was published and I'm glad to hear it was smooth sailing (knitting) for you.

Marjorie said...

I think it looks wonderful, and I do appreciate all the photos. I often find that smooth yarns like alpaca get larger with blocking or wearing, and it is hard to know exactly what you're going to get until you finish the project.

The sweater looks lovely on, and I don't think you have to worry about whether it is "slimming" or not.

vlb5757 said...

Where do you find all the time to knit so many sweaters? I frogged the only sweater I have knitted. I really wasn't wild about the color I picked so I lacked the drive to finish it. I think maybe I will try again and actually make a sweater. All your sweaters look really nice.

Julie McC. said...

Absolutely agree with all of the above (including wondering why I don't knit more sweaters). The more pictures the better. And it just looks like a thicker sweater, not a thicker you.