Saturday, December 29, 2007

Scarf knitting procrastination

I bought the yarn (4 balls of JoAnn's Stellina) in November, 2005. I cast on for the scarf in October, 2006. Since then, several other unfinished scarves have joined it in the knitting bag.

That's my ugly secret. Rather than an albatross, I have unfinished scarves hanging around my neck. At least now the count is reduced by one. How? you ask? I consulted the scarf knitting group at Ravelry for theraputic suggestions. I was shocked to find there are those who enjoy knitting scarves, who revel in their sameness. I was willing to follow their path, if only it would lighten the burden around my neck. They spoke, I listened. Here, blocking, is the result.

They had several suggestions, but the one that seemed the most sure to work at the time was to simply resolve to finish just one scarf.

I had half the scarf knitted. The pattern is from the Interweave scarf booklet that came tucked into one of their IK issues last year. You're supposed to knit the two halves separately and graft them together so the ends match. The second half was partially knitted but much shorter than the first. I guessed it would take hours and hours to finish the picky little lace pattern. Did I rise to the challenge? No, I put it aside. Christmas knitting was my excuse. This time.

But then, the Christmas knitting was done, and I had no excuse. Two days before Christmas, I tossed the unfinished scarf half in the car and knit on it while we drove around visiting. I was surprised when I found I had only a few yards of yarn left on Christmas eve--right about the time I saw the moon and Mars. I had forgotten that I planned for the second half to be smaller than the first, so that the grafted seam would be off-center and less obvious. Sorta.

Since the pattern is running in opposite directions, it won't match no matter what. Of course, I managed to misalign the stitches while grafting it. At that point, after two years of fiddling around, I let it go. I've got a mistake in the first half where I misplaced half a repeat.


It looks good, regardless. The yarn is wool, plied with a tiny nylon thread that gives it shimmer.


Bron said...

Gorgeous. Worth finishing. (KEEP it!)

Marjorie said...

I think it looks beautiful, and you should leave it as is and wear it proudly. I'm actually one of those knitters who loves to knit scarves. I often do so to try out a yarn, but I feel much better about having a scarf for a swatch than a 4-inch x 4-inch square. Often I give them away.

I used that pattern decades ago on a sweater in a color very similar to your scarf. It was one of my early successes, and so a wave of nostalgia washed over me looking at your pics.

If you have the Myrna Stahman book, you might consider using the style for seamen's scarves for a similar lacy scarf. It is much easier to pick up the stitches on the ribbed part that sits behind your neck than the grafting you had to do on this one.

Patricia said...

I think that it looks lovely. Red is such a terrific color to wear. Looks like lots of us are on a finishing kick.

DawnK said...

Beautiful scarf! I'm glad you got it finished!