Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mini Sweater Magnets

Before I wrap them, here is the set of refrigerator magnets I made for my friend and her daughter. I ended up with two sweaters, two hats, and two scarves.

When I first told you about this project, I had a blue hat that was less than satisfactory. Just now, when I was hot-gluing it to the magnet, I glued it on backwards with the seam exposed. I guess it was an impulse to trash it that made me mess it up. I salvaged the white pom pom and quickly knit the pink hat for it.

I've still got to make the faces to go with this set--I need good photos of the recipients for that. In the meantime, to give you an idea of the "dress me up" option, I used faces cut from a magazine:

Since I finished this project, I found these mini-sweater patterns. There's some here too. I wish I'd had these links earlier. I thought I could make a cardigan without a pattern, but it didn't work out. Wrong yarn, wrong gauge, you know how it goes. Then I started purling when I should knit. It just got worse, and I put the entire project aside as a result. I finally realized it was ridiculous to let one bad mini sweater hold things up, and worked on the scarves. Heartened by finishing them, I finished the other sweater. I could have had everything done weeks ago if I hadn't given it up.

As a lesson to myself, I've kept the bad mini sweater and made it into a magnet for my own fridge.

Loose threads, misplaced stitches, bad gauge and all, it's an abandoned UFO magnet. :D


Patricia said...

Too, too clever. I used to have the David on my fridge to dress up in various and sundry outfits, that and magnetic poetry.
Now my fridge has a wood panel. No more magnetic fun.
Your friend and daughter will love this gift.

Jan said...

Those are too cute for words. When I get some time I am going to have to try that idea. I love the faces you added!

vlb5757 said...

My friend Tracy at Wool Windings is showing off her minis. I told her about yours too. Great minds think a like!