Thursday, December 6, 2007

Buttons and Sienna Cardigan

Button shopping is over.
Here's what I found for my Sienna Cardigan. I'm very pleased with these. I had the pattern image frozen in my brain; round shank buttons with a contrasting center were stuck in my mind. I also hoped to find a pale gray-blue, but that's such an unusual color, I was not optomistic about it. I had settled on silver buttons when I saw a separate rack for JBL buttons. JoAnn, why do you have to be so tricky?

Even though it took a little longer, it was worth it to get buttons I am really happy with. That was especially important for this sweater. I'm so happy with it, I wanted the perfect buttons.

This was my Grey's Anatomy Knit-a-Long project, so I have to post it there and on Ravelry. I really don't have any bad photos of it, but I'd like to take a few more this afternoon before I decide which one to expose to the public scrutiny of GA KAL and Ravelry.
 I did not realize how wide the neckline is on this cardigan when I was knitting it. It won't be very warm without a sweater with a higher neck under it, but the neckline is pretty. (The yarn is Alpaca with a Twist's Highlander, one of my most favorite yarns. I'll be posting project details soon.)


Julie McC. said...

Okay, the sweater is beautiful (you knew that, right?), but I am 7 shades of green over a knitting room. Virginia Woolf would be proud of you.

Jan said...

I love the buttons you picked out for your cardigans. I think they would both look great on Ravery. I also have Louisa Harding's Classics book. I am going to knit her big bulky vest next! We'll see how she turns out!

Kathy said...

I'd love to have a knitting room, but that would require building an addition on the house, and that's just not possible.

Your Sienna is beautiful! I like it without the shirt underneath, but yeah, not too warm that way.