Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Success Looms, Knitting wise

One successfully completed scarf, knitted on a loom.
I credit most of the success in this project to the Malabrigo yarn. The color mix is so appealing, that one of my friends almost ripped it off the loom in her eagerness to see it.

Honestly, I admit that a simple scarf knitted from a knock-out skein of yummy hand-dyed yarn (so yummy, the friend exclaimed after grabbing the mostly-finished scarf, "oooO-Ooh, this is soft!) is always a success, whether knitted on needles or a loom. The one thing that impressed me is that I managed (second) a 40" scarf, with fringe (making it 48" in length, 5" in width) after making this, first:

From ONE skein of Malabrigo. TWO scarfs, smidges, whatever. From 216 yards of yarn, plus a about 50 yards of cheap novelty white stuff. The brown one is the zig-zag stockinette, double knit, so hard to reproduce on needles, the white one is K1,P1 ribbing. Had I tried to do this on needles, it would have taken me much longer, (cuz I'm slow with ribbing); it would have curled (cuz I would have just knit the brown one in stockinette to save yarn) and I wouldn't have had enough yarn.

At least, that's my take on it. There's no doubt I could have double-knit the brown scarf on needles. And, certainly, I could have knitted the 1x1 ribbed 'smidge' on needles. I think they would have taken longer--not good for scarves, which I find tedious to knit. I also think they would have taken more yarn in the stitches, resulting in bulkier, shorter scarves. My first smidge was a knitted tube--it is much bulkier than this double-knit version.

So. I like the loom. I'll probably use it again for simple scarves or ribbing. I tried a placemat on it last night, but I'm ripping that out today. Wrong yarn, wrong gauge, not the loom's fault. I still like the loom. It's well-made, easy to use, and the instruction book is great.

Ya, so maybe you're not running over to Marla's site to buy a knitting loom? I got nuttin for yout, then. Except a rather large mushroom. (It's bigger than my outstretched hand.)

Life is strange, but wonderful.

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