Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Old knitting at the Gunnison Museum

**Flash** This post was edited a couple of hours later to reflect recent knitting activity!

The City of Gunnison has a Pioneer Museum. It is a large museum, with many old buildings moved into the site. There's a fascinating old school house that is designed to resemble a tugboat--it has a curved bay window in the library. It is amazing to see something like that built so long ago. There's also a train, complete with engine, cars, caboose and depot. It's a fun place. We hurried over to visit because they usually close on Labor Day. However, they're staying open until the end of September this year. Get on over there!

They had these, and I was surprised to see vintage knitting that I'd actually consider copying. The tag says the mittens and 'cuffs' were knit for a little boy by his grandmother in 1886. awwww.

I can't believe this is all I have for you. My only excuse is that I'm about to be hit with houseguests again. It's killing me, knitting-wise. So why am I blogging? I decided to post this, in case I don't get time this week, what with the guests. I think I can knit some while the guests are here. One of them is a knitter! Whee, knitting buddy. I can't wait to see her.

I spent some time yesterday afternoon (after more cleaning, ugh) listening to the Cast-on podcast and finishing the bottom ribbing. Brenda interviewed Norah Gaughan, the designer of the Bubble Pullover. I loved listening to the interview while knitting one of her designs. I also loved that she discussed the way it is being knitted.

She said a lot of the under-30 knitters are trying to size it down, to change the fit. It is supposed to fit loosely, but the younger set wants it to fit tightly. You see, this is a major beef of mine. People have confused "fit" with "tight". Clothing can fit without hugging every curve and bump. After this summer's knitting, which included several summer tops designed to be close-fitting, I was really looking forward to knitting something loose. I made the size small, which gives me 6" of ease. I won't know if it is right until it is done. I've bound off the bottom ribbing, but I still have the sleeves and 10" of collar--that's over 9,000 stitches of ribbing for the collar.

I don't like to knit ribbing. I dislike it so much, yesterday, on the urging of one of the bloggers I read, I tried combined knitting. It went ok, and totally solved my tension problem in the ribbing. I thought I might pursue this. Then I remembered the problem with combined--you can't knit combined in the round! Continental, English, Combined, now I've learned them all. I just wish I was adept enough at all of them to switch among them without adversely affecting my project.

After more thought, I believe I have envisioned a solution to my ribbing woes--I'll get a knitting machine! :D


marjorie said...

Are you knitting the sweater with ribbing in the round? One thing you can do, if you like doing the ribbing in the combined method is knit the ribbing flat. In that way you can do it in combined, and then join the sweater into the round when you're done with the ribbing. You'll have to attach the ribbing when you are done, but it won't be much of a seam. Be sure to leave a selvage stitch or add an extra knit stitch at each end to accommodate your seam so it will be invisible when you sew it together.

It took me a minute when I did socks the first time to realize my stitches were mounted as "normal people" knit. But I didn't have any trouble adjusting to the different stitch mount.


Bron said...

Wow- Gunnison. My Dad took the family there all through the 40's & 50's. By the time I came along I think we just visited once, though. I'd like to see it again. :) Thanks for the memories!

(I hate ribbing too....)

Renée said...

I have a knitting machine that was given to me, but so far it sits in the garage next to the spinning wheel I picked up at a yard sale. Maybe I'll get to it one of these days, but I'm not in too big a hurry. LOL

vlb5757 said...

Have a wonderful time with your knitting buddy. It's always fun to have someone to knit with. It's like getting together with my chef friends. We go out to eat and talk about the next place we are going to eat.