Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hunting Knitting

Originally, the hunter asked me to make something to keep his neck warm when he was out hunting. *'Like a scarf?' I thought.* But no. The hunter wanted something that went around his neck and just the part of his chest left exposed by his open shirt collar. *'Like a short scarf?' thinks I.* The something should fit up neatly around his neck. "Oh," says I, "Like a gaiter?" Hunter looked at me blankly.

I thought about this request for a while. I was thinking dickey, maybe buttoned in back. Garter stitch flap, brioche stitch neck. Or a gaiter. I called Hunter, who was on his way to the wilds of Canada to hunt caribou. (Hunter is no slacker when it comes to hunting.) He nixed the button in back idea. He nixed the dickey. He wanted it to cover part of his back, too.

Now I need to find yarn to use. Most likely, acrylic. At least I could satisfy the latest suggestion Hunter has: "Get some string with different colors on it and maybe it would look like camoflauge." Yes.
I didn't tell him that they make camo yarn. Actually, I have some camo yarn. It is an alpaca/acrylic/wool blend. It might be ok for this gaiter/cowl/dickey thing. However, I'm afraid it is itchy.
Besides being given the vague instructions, I was informed that he bought just the thing, for the Canadian trip. I'm sure it is fleece. I'm sure if I can see it, I will get a better idea as to how to construct one like it. I'm also sure you are wondering why I am still pursuing this, since he HAS ONE. Why?
Hunter said, "You could make me a lighter weight one for hunting at home." Really, I'm having fun doing this.


Kathleen said...

Knit Picks Swish - lovely wool. I used superwash for a ski-mask like hat. It is reallyk really nice. Don't know if they do camo, but they definitely do black. I recommend silver needles! :)

Luni said...

Superwash! That's it. Thanks.

Julie McC. said...

It's all your fault. Now I not only own the cowl patterns, I have the lace leaf scarf and knitted capelet.

Told you I was a sucker for marketing.