Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hunter's neckwarmer, hand-knit

This may be the last fo I'll post in a while, so pay attention!

I've finished up the little neck-warmer for Hunter. I used Bollicine Lampedusa by Cascade Yarns. I think the colorway I used (#7) closely resembles camoflauge, specifically Mossy Oak.
I've included this photo of it blocking, mostly because it is the most color accurate. However, it does illustrate the construction fairly well.

I decided that a square shape was more masculine than the otagonal one I used originally. I also changed from 1x1 to 2x2 ribbing, since it is most elastic. The turtleneck is long enough to fold down, but short enough to be worn up.
I tried to get a modeled shot, but we humans have chins and hair and other clothing on, all of which got in the way. The desk lamp turned out to be the right shape. Size-wise, it is about 11" by 12" on the flaps and fits an 18" neck. I was going to lengthen the front a bit, but I've decided that it can be worn with the point over the chest if he wants it longer. I've got about half a skein of yarn in reserve if he wants adjustments.

I will be interested to see Hunter's reaction and hear his assessment of this project. I think I have seen the store-bought one he has in a photo he sent, and I am surprised that it is knitted. I'd include the photo, but the main feature in it is a rather gory deceased caribou. At least the hunt was successful, but...really, yuck.
I'll change the subject.
I have included a photo of the first half of the back of my Mitered Jacket, knit with Wooly Stripes Tweed. I'll try to match the pattern on the second half (which will continue to the left of this piece after I remove the provisional cast on and pick up the stitches.)

I'm going to put this away and probably bring it back out in the dead of winter. I have some fall projects I'd like to work on now.

I've been on a break from heavy knitting, due to some odd injury to the middle finger of my right hand (don't go there). I think it was from excessive knitting of ribbing (Emerald Seas and the Bubble did it in.) Also, the fact that I use it for the mouse wheel didn't help.

A brief rest (no rib knitting at all), wearing my braces, and five days of motrin (my doctor's recommended max for me, since I don't really need the stuff much), has done the trick. I'm glad, since I have a day-long knitting class this Saturday. Getting ready for the class (several swatches to knit) and the injury has delayed my knitting a bit. I have started Sienna, using the Alpaca with a Twist Highlander. (It is a bit scary how much I resemble that model when my hair is short. Maybe that's why I think the sweater will look good on me?)

I said I was going to do Mr. GreenJeans with the Highlander, but the gauge was wrong. I'm no good at forcing gauges. I still want to knit Mr. Greenjeans, but I just may have to buy some yarn for it. Oh, too bad, so sad. Actually, I'm excited that it will give me a chance to use that 20% off coupon I have at the lys this weekend.

Don't forget that Alpaca Farm/Ranch Day is this weekend. Get out there and pet an alpaca! I'll leave you with a couple of my latest photos. We drove up to Aspen Ridge (near Nathrop, Southeast of Buena Vista, Colorado) yesterday. The colors are not so good there, since there is a fungal growth on the aspen leaves this year, due to all the rain we got this summer. Nonetheless, they are nice.

I think there will be more color up on the Ridge in a few days. The photo above was taken at a lower elevation on the way up there. The aspen on the Ridge are still mostly green. The views are nice, though.

It is easy to get to Aspen Ridge from Highway 24, just turn off onto CR 185 at Trout Creek. We came up the other way, but I think the views are better driving south.


Kathy said...

"neck-warmer" is a much nicer term than "dickie," isn't it? I was embarrassed every time my mother tried to put one of those on me when I was a kid.

Mitred jacket looks very autumnal, if the colors are right. Is it fun so far? I think I need another big project after I'm done with Neal's sweater (which you won't see until it's ready-to-wear. ;))

Patricia said...

Uch, I remember the dickies that we used to have to wear during Canadian winters. My mother lover to put Vicks on paper towels and plaster that to our chests under the dreaded dicky.
So, are you going into seclusion?

vlb5757 said...

You always do such nice things. I am no where close to doing what you do, but I am getting there one project at a time. I love your pictures of the mountains. My oldest son had considered moving there but he just found out that he will be moving to Alaska instead. So I guess I will hone my knitting skills the next three years he lives there!!

on the wings... said...

I didn't even know one could find a "neck warmer" (aka: "dickie" when I was growing up) these days.

I miss the Colorado mountains in the fall. We lived for many years in Fort Collins and would go to Rocky Mtn. Ntnl. Park every fall for the colors and elk bugling. Thanks for sharing the photos. The moderate climate in California doesn't lend itself well to the zap of fall colors.