Thursday, August 30, 2007

Royal Gorge

In the face of the approaching Labor Day weekend, officially the last gasp of summer, I thought I would present yet one more fun thing to do. Just in case you don't have plans, there's always Royal Gorge.
Actually, I learned about Royal Gorge on tv several years ago. Bill Geist had a feature on it during one of my favorite shows, CBS Sunday Morning. I became fascinated with seeing the highest suspension bridge in the world and planned a side trip on one of our road trips in order to visit it.
At the time, I enjoyed visiting Canon City (that's pronounced "canyon" city--I don't know how to put the tilde over the n), and never knew I would one day be living nearby. Now traveling through the Gorge or visiting the bridge is one of the things we do when we have visitors. Recently, we rode the train through the Gorge. Besides the beautiful scenery, we were treated to up-close views of those rafters brave enough to tackle the Gorge by boat. This stretch of the Arkansas River has Class IV and V white water rapids.
It was the peak of the rafting season then, and there were a lot of rafters. We had views of them twice, as the train passed them going upstream, then turned around and caught up with them again.
They really seem to enjoy it.
One guide had a special effect for us.
I'll bet he does this for the train every trip. This rafting company has a video here and more info here, but there's lots of rafting companies here to choose from.


Renée said...

Seems to me that my unevenness straightens out once my project is washed once or twice. I think that some yarns seem to show the difference more than others, too. Beautiful Gorge!

Michelle said...

Hi, just found your blog through your post in Knitters Review stashing yarn. I LOVE your Excel stash spreadsheets! Thats a great way to organize it and I love how you broke it down. !

Luni said...

Thanks Michelle, I'm glad you like the spreadsheet. I totally forgot to give credit when I commented in KR. The spreadsheet came from Katydid Knits, ( I've only altered it a little.

vlb5757 said...

Awesome pictures. Our weather here in southern VA is cooling down, but not fast enough for me. My favorite time of the year...I get to sleep in the chair with knitting in my lap while hubby watches his favorite football team, all the while listening to the sounds of the last lawn mowing of the summer in the backround. I long for wool sock and sweaters!

marjorie said...

You may be able to avoid the difference between knits and purls if you use combined knitting. Annie Modesitt has great pictures ( . I've been a combined knitter since I learned (I actually think my Russian grandmother showed me "untwisted Eastern knitting"), and I am always complimented on the evenness of my work. I don't think I'm doing anything special, except "scooping" the purls instead of wrapping the yarn around them as Continental and English knitter do. But it is worth a try to see how you like it.

You won't be able to take stitches "knitwise" and "purlwise" in conventional instructions. For that reason I switch to Continental for lace knitting.

There are also pictures in some old IKs, and in Patricia Gibson-Roberts book "Knitting in the Old Way". I can send the refs to the IK articles if you want them.


Patricia said...

What beautiful pictures. Colorado is a destination that I aspire to visit. My husbands sibs live there. Someday. Is there a HF in your future?