Thursday, August 23, 2007

Harbinger of Fall

As the rains rolled in over the continental divide, I wondered if they foretold the changing of the seasons. A brief walk in the woods brought proof:

Fall is coming. Take heart, it may come a bit later to the rest of the country, but it will come! Temps this morning were in the 40s (that's Farenheit). My feet didn't warm up until 10 am. Fall is definitely coming, and I am ready.

Entrelac hat from Hip Knit Hats, to match (sort of) the entrelac scarf from the knitting class I took earlier this summer. I think I will block them, and perhaps gift them later this year. If I do block them, you may see them again. The scarf is Noro Silk Garden, and there is Cascade 220 in the hat, with some Noro and some Chroma from the Fibre Co. mixed in. I could keep them, but I find the Noro itchy.

I have started the Bubble Pullover from Knitting Nature. It is interesting, but the outsides of the pentagons take a long time, with 160 stitches in them. Then, as the decreases cut down the stitch count, it goes faster and faster, and before I know it, it is time to cast on and pick up stitches again. It is an odd way to knit a sweater.


The Gadabout Knitter said...

Oh! Don't say that quite yet! It can't come until I've finished my husbands sweater!! (I love cold weather but I wanted it done before hand!) :)

And I love, love, love your scarf!

Kathy said...

Look at you, an entrelac queen

marjorie said...

The hat looks great. I did entrelac for the first time this year, also using Noro. I found it incredibly addictive, and I loved the results. I'll have to look for that pattern. I've got a lot of Noro left over.

I wish our weather were as cool as yours. I just can't wait for fall--we had a taste last week, but now it is summer weather again.


Renée said...

Makes me want to try entrelac. Oh, if only I had time and yarn for every project I drool over!

Iris G said...

That's a lovely hat, I love the entrelac patches, so chic. And it matches the beautiful scarf in a unique way!
Your Bubble sounds like a fun project--can't wait to see the FO ;-).