Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Knitter at a quilt show

I went to a quilt show. Actually, I went to TWO quilt shows. I didn't realize that many of the quilters were exhibiting at both shows, which were held within two weeks and 30 miles proximity. Normally I would have been a bit bothered by the duplication, but it worked out well this time. You see, I didn't take pictures at the first show. I thought it would be rude to take pictures and post them without the express permission of the quilter. Then at the second show, several people were taking pictures. So I did, too. Look at these quick, because if I find out that I shouldn't have them here, they are going to disappear.

I liked the way the blocks of color pop out in the above one. Had I designed it, I would have reversed them, based on what I have learned thus far about colors, setting light 'stars' on a dark background, but this works well. I'm surprised at how the dark colors draw the eye, even though they do recede as they should. The basketweave effect of the white strips is nice.

This (above) was a particularly good log cabin, I thought. It shows what can be done with the pattern in a large format. (Unlike the small format log cabins knitters usually produce.)

Here's one of my favs:

It's a really big quilt, so I just put in the part that shows up the best. I hope the images are all clickable. (Good Blogger, pretty Blogger, be nice today)

I also edited the shots so that the quilter's name is not visible--just being polite, and cautious. That's why you don't see so much of the one above. The part you can see on the tag is the important part, anyway. The quilter who made the above quilt is 89 years old. And--she hand quilted it. Machine pieced and hand quilted flowers in the white rectangles and butterflies in the white squares. I think it's wonderful.

I liked the one above the best out of the small quilts. It is, as you can see on the tag, "Shaman's Dream." Of course, it appeals to the Colorado and New Mexico native culture fans, which I am. But I also think it's attractive.

This one is a crib quilt, but I really liked the funny cats. One of the best quilt concepts at the show was a quilt done for a grandson of the quilter. Each square was a different Colorado wildlife scene. There was a bear, a coyote, a moose (I love moose!), an elk, a deer, etc. Each square was different, and each animal was cut out of an appropriately colored fabric with a light marbling in it, but plain otherwise. All of the fabrics were similar, and went well with the theme. It's hard to explain, and didn't photograph well, so I'll stop with the describing and just say that I'll bet the grandson loved it.

This is the last one, and I just took the picture because I was fascinated with the edge treatment. It's a flannel quilt, so I'll bet it is very warm and comforting in this climate.

I'm not a quilter, obviously, so I'm sure I've missed what I should be seeing. Perhaps these are common quilt patterns, I don't know. If so, the show was maybe nothing special. I enjoyed both shows, and liked talking to the quilters.

Isn't it funny to post this now, when the U.S. is in the grip of a heat wave? I may be the only knit blogger in the country who looks at the quilts and thinks how warm and snuggly they might be. But it is 47 degrees Farenheit in these mountains yesterday morning when I started this post, and and is barely 60 this morning--I get chilly. (nana na na boo boo!)

Blocking of the wrap will happen today! Pictures of it soon.
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Michelle said...

Very nice! I love going to shows for crafts that I don't really do. It's inspiring and amazing to see what all the different crafts do and can do.

Anonymous said...

I love the quilts from the show! Some of those patterns I've made, too.

Iris G said...

Wow, I love the "Shaman's Dream"--beautiful, beautiful colors and it has a story to tell! The one with cats is another favorite--one has to smile at something this cute ;-). Thank you for sharing!