Monday, July 9, 2007

Data and plans for MDSW yarn

At last, at last, it is time to talk about the yarn I bought at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in May. I have finished those pesky pending summer sweaters, and I am swatching and knitting some of this yarn...

Here's the details, with my plans:
1. The brown, on the top; Apaca Fun Farms hand-spun alpaca from "Bailey" (the alpaca has a name--I have his picture, too. It's on the label, which you can see a little of in the picture. The color is wonderful, if you love brown as much as I do. It is a deep, dark brown with red highlights. It's Bailey's natural color. I wish my hair was that color!

Apaca Fun Farms doesn't have a website, but they do have great yarn. Woad! (w/o a doubt:). I bought all she had left of Bailey's prize winning fleece from last year. Naturally deep brown, it was spun by Jo (I think) in a dk weight. I have about 1600 yards of beautiful alpaca yarn, and all I had to cut out of it is 3 short pieces. I put this together with the Beyond Wool book that I bought from Tuesday Morning (for a mere $8), and I think I have plenty for the cardigan in it.

2. The white, just below the brown on the right--hand-spun alpaca, 206 yds.

It's alpaca, not Angora :/ . I couldn't tell the difference because I didn't put on my glasses when I read the label. I thought I was buying 100% angora, from Cloverly Rabbits. Instead I got 100% baby alpaca. What a bummer. I spent way too much for it, but it does look very pretty. It is handspun, and is a bit overspun in places. I don't know do with it/I was thinking?

3. The light brown below the white on the right

Camel hair blend. Hand-spun, with one ply of camel hair and one ply of alpaca and silk. I had to have it. Less than 200 yards, and I think it was spun by two different spinners, though it is the same blend. Impractical, but I'll save it in case I want to trim the sweater I'll knit out of the brown alpaca with it. Otherwise, it will have to be mitts or a neckwrap. I have a fondness for camels. :)

4. The red, at the bottom right--odd hanks from the Fibre Co.

The bit of red I got from them might be some Chroma. Maybe in the dk weight. That makes it less likely that I'll use it, though. Such a little bit of yarn. Pretty color. Stash! (Maybe a Lovebite, or a Pudurosa?)

5. The tied-up hank at the bottom--Brooks Farm Duet
This is in a WIP, so I have more detail on this one. This is my first experience with Brooks Farm. I said I wasn't going to buy anything from their booth at MDSW, since I wanted to buy local products, not commercially available yarn. However, I was so impressed by the quality of their yarn, I couldn't resist a single skein. That's misleading, of course--their skeins are large, and this one is 500 yards of a light worsted weight wool and mohair blend.

6. The pink, at the bottom left--

Permaquid, from the Fibre Company, for A's hat--may be the most luscious yarn I bought. I paid full price, too. A gets the best. We haven't selected the pattern yet, but it's a chunky weight yarn, so we will probably pick something from Hip Knit Hats.

7. The blue at the top left.
This is the best, well, second-best after Bailey's. I think it is Savanah, in the bulky weight, color, Chambray. If it is, I got it for half-price from the Fibre company. Perhaps it is a little less-than-bulky? They suggest it knits at 12-15 st/4 in. I'm getting 16. I'm not sure I'd like it at 12. But 16 makes it perfect for Sienna. I should reknit the swatch on 22 stitches and wash it to make sure. I really bought this for the Bubble Pullover from Knitting Nature, but the gauge is off--I'd need 18 st/4" for the pullover. I could adjust it, but the resulting pullover (it's alpaca and merino) would probably be too hot to wear.

That's it. That's enough fer sure. I want to knit it all up right now, but reason tells me I should spread the luxury of these yarns out, making it last until next year's MDSW.

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Patricia said...

I was on Whipup playing with the color link on one of the articles and then ventured to my blog roundup. Since yours is on the top of the list, I started there. I was delighted to see the mound of yarn and enjoy looking at the color palette that you chose. I have wanted to attend the MSW for the last few years. I live within a days drive. Perhaps next year. Meanwhile, I'll look forward to your knitting projects