Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Colorado and Why Knitting Made Me Crazy

Wherein I tell you something personal...but don't worry, it's still about knitting!

If you have looked at the sidebar, you know I live in Colorado. Living here is new to me, and is a large part of the reason I started this blog. We moved here in response to K's overwhelming desire for snow and mountains. We have satisfied that desire. We regularly drive right up to the tippy-tops of 14,000 foot high peaks.

Undoubtedly, we are fortunate to have been able to move across the country to such a beautiful place. K is happy here, and thanks to modern technology, has continued working as usual.

Me? Another question altogether.

I sometimes wonder how we would both feel if I had never pursued the idea, had said I simply didn't want to live in the snow and the cold, where I knew no one at all. I might have been happy to stay where we were, but it would have been, oh, I don't know, maybe a bit dull? I like a challenge.
I like challenges. My college advisor told me many things, but the one I remember is "You need to be challenged." I wonder, though, if seeking a challenge justifies this foolhardy move of mine. You see, the reason I agreed to move here? Really the reason? It's the knitting.
When I say knitting made me crazy, this is what I mean. I considered moving, not because I was unhappy where I was (actually, I was happier than I've been in years), but because living in a hot climate was limiting what knitted items I could justify making. Now, on reflection, this seems impulsive.
What actually happened--we were visiting here on the way to a vacation in Telluride. I wanted to stop at a nearby yarn shop. We stopped over on the way to do that, got lost and found a beautiful town we didn't know existed. Found affordable houses for sale in this town. Fantasized about living here. That might have been all there was to it--fantasy. THEN the next day I went to the yarn shop and the clerk said:

"If you lived here you could wear a sweater every day."

THAT was it. Every day, wearing hand-knitted sweaters. I thought of all the yarn, pattern books, and hours of knitting that would justify. I becamed obsessed with the thought. Of course, K was all for it. Three months of consideration, and we committed to moving.
So at times, when I think I was crazy to leave kith and kin and home and hearth for the unknown, I blame knitting. It made me crazy, or at least my passion for knitting lead to a 'crazy' decision.
Other times, I am happy to be here, helping K with the work, traveling as much as possible, and knitting, knitting, knitting.
To convince you of the beauty of this place, now that I've gotten your attention with my knitting, I will show you some of the things that appeal to me.
We drove to Aspen not long ago, and while I was taking pictures of the wildflowers at the pass, I saw this:

The Flowerlovers.
All those pretty flowers, and people were strolling among them. This older couple were both looking down in opposite directions, admiring the flowers. They were holding hands.
Then, last week, we drove over to Crested Butte for the Wildflower Festival. I hope to go there next year and take a photography class. This year we just drove around and looked at the flowers.

Flowers and mountains, beautiful summer weather, lovely yarn shops--there's a lot to like.

Even though I have my doubts at times, I remain optimistic that we made the right decision when we moved. It is very livable here, comfortable, and the people are friendly. I realize it will take time for me to settle in. I really, truly, appreciate you and the time you take to look at my knitting, read my blog, and leave your comments. I try to keep a postive attitude, but at times I feel lonely and need a little lift. Thanks for the support.

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Renée said...

Love both the photos and your story. Having moved 3 times in my life in a major way...Michigan to Nevada, Nevada to Oregon, and Oregon to Washington State, I understand about starting over. Thank God we have our knitting!


Julie McC. said...

Easy is not the same as happy. Sometimes we just have to trust, and pursue the unknown path.

And the knitting and photographs are awesome.

Bron said...

I was in Crested Butte years ago - thanks for the reminder! Great pix - you did very well. :)

I wish I had a little more cold & snow and a little less heat and..well.. heat!

Grace said...

If I died and went to heaven, it would look like CB in July. We spent 3 out of 5 July 4th's there because I just had to see the wildflower meadows there again.

We moved from CA to CO and then back again. Each time, I was sad to leave friends behind, but gained new ones. Hang in there.

vlb5757 said...

I have moved around all my life due to father in the military and then hub. I have found that each place holds something new and I do my best to make lemonade from the local lemons. Lucky for me I found a local yarn shop where I love to spend my spare time. I would trade places with you in a skinny minute. I am more of a tree and sweater girl than the sand and tan girl. But the blessing is, I have been lucky enough to see and learn new things every single time we move. You will find good friends and of course the best yarn shop ever and then you will wonder why you ever lived someplace else!

Iris G said...

You know, I always enjoy moving...it's like start all over again! And you have such beautiful mountains and lakes ;-)!

Jennifer said...

I moved to Southern CA back in the early 80s and only stayed a year. I couldn't be truly happy in a place where there were so few knitting stores (at the time) and there was rarely a need for anything made of wool.

Sonja said...

You're not crazy. You're a knitter :)

I feel exactly the same way and I would have done the same myself.

coldfishgirl said...

I live in Alabama, so I can relate, and I can imagine doing something similar, since my oldest son desperately wants to live where it snows. I started crocheting when I was 7; knitting didn't come naturally for me, so I held off until about three years ago and totally fell in love. All I have left to say is, How Romantic!

breadlady said...

I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. My family moved there in September from British Columbia. In the 60's my hubby and I came to Canada from Europe. Stayed 40 years in BC and now are here in Nova Scotia. I am in love with knitting socks. The more the merrier and I love the bright colors we have now a days.
It is a bit lonely but knitting keeps me sane.

Happy Knitter

sutka said...

I love your website, and
I love living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. My husband, daughter, and I are refugees from Bosnia and knitting elegant sweaters is what keeps me sane. The only trouble is that I have found no place in Colorado to sell them. Can anybody please help me with that?

Yarnhog said...

I don't think it's crazy at all. I live in San Diego, and I think about it all the time.

evapaprika said...

I can truly relate - currently I live in Tucson which is lovely but this week the highs have been over 100! We also own a home in Pagosa Springs, CO where it is heavenly! Someday I hope to spend more time there then here!

Lauréole said...

I don't remember how I found your blog (probably through Ravelry and one of the patterns I was lloking at).
Anyway, I immediatly got interested in...because we are going to move to Denver in a few months. It's going to be a very challenging experience for the French woman I am ;-) I will certainly come back to visit you.

pedalpower said...

Absolutely beautiful. CO is on my short list of places to move if I ever need to make a change.

Franky said...

Hi, I have to tell you that your knitting and crafts are exquisite. They're so well made. I'm from Quebec in Canada, and this province is the home of many artists of many mediums, but its been a long time since I've saw such perfect knitting.


leeni1176 said...

Love your story....and I think you're perfectly sane as it makes perfect sense to me...ha ha...

whittsknits said...

Hello ... I found your blog.after Google Image searching "Tuesday Morning yarn", as I am a bit of an addict when it comes to buying yarn there. :) Your sweater from 2008 (I believe) came up in the search, so here I am. When I saw you provided a link to a post on why knitting made you crazy, I had to read it! And I looove it! I feel slightly less crazy in my yarn and pattern and book pursuits/treasure hunts having read your story. I totally get it, and would have certainly felt the same way. I live in Florida, so get the limitation of knitting in warm weather. SO MUCH YARN, so little practical knitting. :)

- Whitney