Sunday, July 1, 2007

Bonita Shirt es listo!

With apologies for my poor Spanish...

My version of the Bonita Shirt is final. I will do no more work on the shirt, no matter how "bonita" it is. (Scroll down that link above if you click it; the pattern picture is the 3rd sweater from the bottom.)

Not that it took a long time (one month), or was an unpleasant task (an easy knit). I'm glad it is done and I'm ready to wear it. I did change the sleeves, as you can see. I designed the sleeves, a first for me. I would knit, measure, rip back a few inches, and re-knit. It was a two steps forward, one step back process. In the end, I probably knit the first sleeve over at least twice, fulfilling the curse I placed on myself when I named this blog "3 sleeves".

I learned a lot about sleeve construction during this process, which is coming in handy now. (More on that in a later post.) In the end, I'm happy that Bonita has sleeves, instead of the cap sleeves in the pattern. The sleeves could be a bit tighter. I was worried about ease and being able to raise my arms, so I knit them on a larger needle with generous proportions.

Enough on that detail, here's a look at the complete sweater--

I added the edging instead of the hem, selecting it from Knitting on the Edge. Posted by Picasa


Michelle said...

So lovely! That's a beautiful sweater. It sounds like you and I learned about sleeves the same way. I made the Must Have Cardigan a year or so ago and had to really fiddle with the pattern to get a sleeve cap that would actually fit in the hole. Lots of trial and error but ended up being so worth it. :D

Anonymous said...

It turned out great - good job! I especially like the color too.

Patricia said...

What a great job on the sweater. It looks great. I ordered Sir Galli yarn for the Bianca jacket based on your last post. Now I'm looking for the back issue of the magazine. You'll have me subscribing to Interweave yet!