Monday, July 30, 2007

Beaded Gloves and a little cloud

A little cloud and a pair of gloves, two unrelated things, are paired in this entry. The gloves are at the end.
No, the cloud in the title of this entry does not refer to a Native American. But it could feature a real-life encounter with the main character of the book.

I realized when I reviewed the photos from my trip across Independence Pass to Aspen that there was a similar feature in several of them. It was around 9:30 a.m., and there was only one little cloud.
About a half hour later, we were farther up the mountain, and there are other clouds. Another 15 minutes of driving, and I took this photo:

Same little cloud, but much different stream. I didn't realize how quickly you can change your surroundings here in Colorado. We frequently take advantage of this ability, since a quick drive can move us from a sultry 85 degrees F. (remember we have no a/c, so that is plenty hot for us) to a pleasant 65. If I take the drive all the way to the continental divide, I usually wish for a sweater.
There are lots of reasons to knit here in Colorado. Cold shoulders, cold heads, cold hands. Regarding cold hands, I have knit several pairs of fingerless mitts. I often wear them over gloves. In the winter, I need multiple layers. This spring, I finished my first pair of gloves. They were warm enough then, since they were wool. It will be fun to see how far they will take me this fall before I have to reach for another layer, or for the more extreme days, my ski gloves.

I followed the pattern from Knitting with Beads by Jane Davis, but I had to adjust the gauge. The Tesoro yarn I bought from JoAnn's knitted up at a larger gauge than the suggested worsted weight. Even though I knit it tightly, on size 6 needles instead of the size 10s recommended for the Tesoro. I even used size 5s for the fingers, but still got fewer stitches per inch. As you might imagine, as tightly as they were knit, the gloves are quite warm. However, the Tesoro yarn remained soft and comfy. I have enough left for a hat and a scarf, but am still debating patterns.

I used some iridescent blue beads i had left over from a beading project. They were just big enough to fit over the yarn. The cable is my favorite cable so far. Once I started that section, I could stop until I finished--it was so much fun! The fingers, they were not so fun. I may stick to fingerless mitts from now on.

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Renée said...

Beautiful gloves. A project that I think about but haven't tried to knit yet. Maybe this will be the year. Thanks for the inspiration, Luni!

maniacalmultitasker said...

Wow the gloves are beautiful!
I love the colour!

Patricia said...

Those are among the most beautiful gloves that I've seen. Your hands model them well. Thanks for making me aware of Eric Carle's book. Since my Erik turned 16, I really miss out.

vlb5757 said...

The gloves look really great. I am not brave enough to do them yet. I will get there. I want to do some fingerless gloves for my spinning when I have to be outside to spin. Ah...more project to add to the list!

Iris G said...

I love the idea of tracking down a little (helpless) cloud!
Your gloves are very, very pretty. The cable is obviously fun to do ;-). Just like you, I prefer mitts to gloves--but sometimes only gloves would do!