Saturday, June 16, 2007

Too much going on to knit

This was IT, the big weekend here. Here=Colorado small town. IT=rafting fest. I started out big, driving out to see the beginning of the first race on Thursday. This was a good decision, since it gave me a totally different perspective than I would have had if I had confined my activities to the main festival events downtown.

After scoping out the potential viewing spots in the morning,...

How about here?

We went back only to find mosquitoes by the swarms, and worried rafters begging for bug spray. We had none, so we kept the windows rolled up and watched from the car. It was both interesting and amusing.

First, they put the rafts in the river.
Then they took them out of the river. I didn't take a picture of the rafts coming back out. Once that started, I had no idea what was going on. What I found out, they have to take a running start, carrying their rafts. OK.

They put the rafts as far away as they could, against the fence at the back of the parking lot. I thought they'd run from there, but then the rafters were lined up on the road near the river, and told to run to their rafts. That is, "RUN!!!!!"

Then came the mad dash back with the rafts....

And the not-so-mad dash for the stragglers...

It was confusing, and a bit chaotic, and funny. To think, this was the race for the experts, who spend the summer guiding raft trips around the state.

Then we drove down the river to watch...

It was all quite impressive once they got going. However, rafts aren't really fast. We were able to go home, get on the bikes, and ride downtown just in time to cheer the winners as they arrived at the finish line.

Since then, I've been downtown a couple of times, where I watched kayakers flip and turn in the rapids, a parade, a bike race, a hill climb, and eaten lots of greasy, fat-filled food.
Tomorrow we are going downriver to picnic and watch the main event, a 26 mile river race. Then back downtown for the awards and the chili cookoff.

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Although I finished the sleeve for my Loni cardigan, I don't know when I'll get it blocked. I think I'll bring Bonita to the big race tomorrow, though, so I'll get knitting done there. Maybe.

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