Saturday, May 19, 2007


I've been tagged on the 7 random things meme, and I'm happy about it. (Pretty random, huh?)

I'm happy because it gives me motivation to pimp this new blog by tagging 7 others.

7 Things:

1. I can move my little toes without moving my other toes--I learned this from an old movie (anybody know which one?)
2. I grew up on a cattle farm.
3. Although I'm only 5' 6" tall, I have a "wingspan" of 6' 1", which means I can easily reach things on the top shelf of my kitchen cabinets.
4. I'm right-left dyslexic.
5. I've been on the front page of a major newspaper (large color picture, above the fold).
6. I once worked for the U. S. Census Bureau, but resigned after a week. Not that I didn't want to be a Census taker, but the job was part-time, and I got offered a full-time job.
7. I was once addicted to olives and pistachios, and ate them by the handfuls every day for over a year. (No, I wasn't preggers.)

Now, I've got to bounce around and tag 7 other people by commenting in their blogs, which will give me a chance to tell them about this blog. I'll probably take my time doing that, but I'll try to remember to add them here once I've tagged them.

'Sok, here they are, bless them, because I'm afraid I shouldn't have...but they are my favorite blogs to read:
Rosemary Knits
The Virginia Purl
Purls and Murmers
The YoYo Knits
The Quiet Knitter
Minx Knits

The rules:
Once tagged, you are supposed to list 7 random things about yourself in your blog, then tag 7 others.
That's the rules. I say rules are made to be broken. At least you've made it to my new blog. Welcome.


Alyson said...

Thank you for pointing me here! Good to catch up with you. So, what sort of atrocity did you have to commit to land above the fold? (I'm sure they put good stuff above the fold sometimes too....don't they?)

Oh, and thanks for inadvertently making me sit here staring at my feet and wiggling my pinky toe for ten minutes. (Verdict - I can move it from side to side independent of the other toes, but that's about it.)

Luni said...

by way of reply--
I was in the right place next to a popular person at the right time, so I got the 'above the fold' shot--pure luck. The other horrible things I did all got stuck away in the third section, but I have been semi-famous, or infamous.
and, yea. side to side, that's it. A wedding reception trick, maybe? But then you'd have to take off the stockings.

Jan said...

Thanks for coming by and tagging me. I love meeting new people!As I told Liz, I will try to think up some interesting things about myself but it is hard!
Your lilac is lovely, ours almost died this year due to bad weather. Your sweater color is so pretty, kindof like the lilacs isn't it?