Thursday, May 24, 2007

Spring frogged the crabapple

I've been thinking about frogging. It is not always necessary, but it is not the tragedy it sometimes seems. Last month, nature frogged our crabapple tree. Twice. I had just read about Alex's crabapple, how it was budding, then blooming. I didn't expect ours to follow immediately. After all, we are a couple of thousand feet higher in elevation. It is simply colder here, and spring comes later. But she does come. A week later, there were buds on our crabapple. Then it snowed.

Oh, woe to me and the crabapple. I sent K out with a broom to flog the snow off the branches. Besides being cold, the wet snow weighed the branches down a good bit. Then I left for MDSW. I spoke with K on the phone while I was there. It had snowed again. org!! Poor crabapple. K repeated the flogging, hoping a little snow wouldn't faze the crabapple. Just like a knitter with a pile of frogged knitting, it could begin again, right?

I'm looking at this post, trying to reassure myself, because I think I have a 3 sleeve curse. First, there were the 3 sleeves of Tivoli. Then, there were the 3 sleeves of CPC.
I knit the first sleeve of the Cabled Points Cardigan (from Knitting Beyond the Edge) as a swatch, but I was kidding myself. I didn't really think it was a swatch. I thought it was going to be a sleeve. Even when I was guessing it was too small, I still was hoping for a sleeve. Then I noticed a change in color. There was a knot in the skein and I never imagined that the yarn after the knot, in the middle of the skein, would be different shade. But it was. I didn't notice until the sleeve was almost complete, and I looked at it in good light. So I frogged the first sleeve and knit two more sleeves--a total of three sleeves for that cardigan.

I could chalk that up to experience, but to add insult to injury, one of the six skeins I had was a different shade, so the right side of the cardigan is slightly brighter colored than the rest. This is aggravating, but I had no idea that color variations within a dyelot were anything but just a slip-up, a sport, a very rare thing.

Until now. I mean, I should have been catching on. After all, when I decided I didn't have enough Encore for the cardigan I wanted to make, I ordered more in a different dyelot. When they came in, they looked like a different color altogether. Instead of blue and tan, there were blue and bright orange, and the blue was a different blue altogether. I didn't even like the new version, though I love the old. I returned the ugly yarn, changed the pattern, and set about knitting a simple cardigan for which I thought I would have just enough yarn, all the same dyelot.

It is all the same dyelot, but it isn't the same color. There's one skein I have used so far that is much brighter than the others. What did I knit with it? You guessed it, the second sleeve. Luckily, I was wrong on the yarn amount, so I have an extra skein. All I have to do is knit--ta dum de dum dum--a third sleeve.

I am NOT making this up, folks.

I can say that I am glad I have extra yarn to fix this problem, that the sleeve is a quick knit, and that Encore is nice to knit. However, I think I'll sew the sweater together to "check the fit". Maybe I'll decide I can live with the off-color sleeve. It would be nice to knit something with only two sleeves.

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vlb5757 said...

Well that's just not right! You are so brave for doing three sleeves. I still have not finished my very first sweater and it's the sleeves that are causing the stall. I think in the fall I will give it one last shot before I pull the whole thing right out and make an afghan and give it away!

I love the look for the new blog. It's much brighter and I really love the banner. Looks great!